It’s almost time for Timbits!

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Now the fun begins!
The 2014 – 2015 Timbits season is just about to start. New Timbits have already been assigned an hour skate either Saturday or Sunday Sept 6 or 7 . Our first practice will be Saturday Sept 20. My 14 instructors and I are excited to have the opportunity to work with your children. I know both the players and their fans will be very pleased with what they see on ice. I will be meeting with all the instructors in a few days to go over plans for the first month. Once the season starts I will be meeting with the on ice parent reps to clarify their role.
There will be 10 teams of first year skaters (IP1) and 8 teams of second year skaters (IP2). Each practice we will have 9 instructors and one parent on ice volunteer from each team.

I am thrilled to have been able to add Matthew Bidin. Zachary Skemer and Adam and Amy Graham to our already amazing group of instructors. This year instructors will work with both IP1 and IP2. This year one parent from each team will also be joining us on ice. I know I can speak for everyone involved that we can hardly wait to see our Timbits on our first practice day Sept 20. Times will be announced once teams are arranged.

All new Timbits have a sort out either Saturday Sept 6 or Sunday Sept 7 at Splex 2. Times will be assigned by surname and go from 8:30 – 12:30
The sorts are exactly that – an opportunity to sort players into IP1 and IP2.
The instructors are excited to start working with this year’s group of Timbits.

I need some help!
Two team reps borrowed goalie gear at the end of the season. I need to know where it is right now and when it will be returned. I also lent a trapper of my own to one parent and it still hasn’t been returned. Someone out there in reader land knows where these are. Please let me know.

As most readers know one of the joyful tasks I do in the community is as President of Barrhaven Children’s Softball.I have not added anything to the blog since the end of last years great season. I really miss those Timbits in IP2. It was a total bonus to see some of them registered in Barrhaven Children’s Softball.Last night was our Transition division Fun Night and family bbq. I was again amazed at the 100 or so players and their families enjoying active sporting activities without worrying about performance or who was going to win.An active life style that is started at a young age fosters a better, healthier and richer life.Sports helps people make friends. This applies not just to the players but their parents.It was great to see clumps of parents chatting and enjoying a hotdog or two – (We did serve over 500 free hotdogs) while their kids and grand kids went through the activities. One of the things I think is missing in the Timbits program is that connection between social eating and team spirit. Later in hockey team meals will be a “given” and an important part of being a team. I hope next year to see parents arrange team breakfasts after the practice.Once I get a schedule I will be able to assist teams in setting up some team breakfasts.

I meet with Karen Russell tonight to discuss several things.
One of the things is our series of videos we worked on at the end of last year. Errol Morel our video gut has done a great job…..More to come!


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Many of the Timbits volunteered to be in the video series. The content of the series changed a little as we went though the process and changed form a “How to” approach to more of a “What to expect in IP” approach. This video series is a first step in a much longer process but this is where we are now:

Video 1 Overview of what IP is and isn’t including a funny look at my very full van.

Video 2 How to select and fit hockey gear including sticks

Video 3 How stores sharpen skates

Video 4 How to safely get on to the ice and learn to skate

Video 5 The not so crazy things that we sometimes do in practice

Video 6 Basic edge control in stopping, forward and backward skating

Video 7 How to dress a goalie

Video 8 How to score your first goal.

Before these will be published on youtube and linked to the NMHA website there are people who still need to look at them.

Thanks for all those who helped! More are coming…



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I currently do not have any lost and found items. If you are missing something enter a comment decribing what you are missing and I will post it. I AM MISSING A FEW THINGS:

Left goalie glove belonging to the NMHA 

5 sets of goalie gear have not been returned. If for some reason you are holding on to them (two teams made this request) then I need you to email me  to inform me. The remaining bags will need to be returned asap.

Left Goalie trapper that I loaned to aparent in IP2 for their left handed son that has not been returned.

My black “X” gloves which I lent to a parent which have not been returned

Hopefully we can get all this tied up soon so we can finalize our needs for next year.