Our first practice went really well!

Posted: September 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well the first practice is over – I am hoarse from raising my voice so all the parents could hear…I will NEVER raise my voice with any of your Timbits. Players of all ages learn best from a calm, friendly but “focussed” approach. I was especially proud of the 7 instructors who even started the sessions when they saw i was still talking to the parents. I thought they treated each and every Timbit like they were wanted and were special. Hopefully ever parent got a newsletter abd every player got a sticker for their helmet.

Our first session saw a few tears which we expected. If your Timbit was one of those talk to them about how proud you were that they tried and then try to get them to understand that 150 players also had their first day. IP is not something you have to “make” or you will be” cut”. Our job as instructors is to bring everyone along at an individual level while doing group based activities. The practice plan allows for individual players to get help one on one on skills they may find difficult.

Please check to make sure skates fit and are not too large – skates are not something you “grow into”. Play it Again has lots of used skates and will give you something for your trade. Skates need to be sharpened periodically.

A few players had yellow tape put on their sticks indicating they need a larger knob on the end to prevent it from going through the grid on the cage or indicating that they were too long. parent help needed here.

Age thsi age players do not recognize their own equipment. It is important that players are super careful when they put their gear in their bags at the end of the session. If you have extra gear call the parent rep and make sure you bring it to the next session. If you are missing gear then call the parent rep to see if anyone has extras.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – double check neckguards and mouth guards BOTH are strict requirements for play.

Next practcie Sept 29 will be at BELL arena Starting at 9. CHECK the schedulke on the NMHA website for the schedule for your team.

This is what we plan to do:

IP Practice Sept 29 focus areas

This is the second practice and is more or less the same basic skill areas as the first one. Forward skating is still a major focus – so keep them moving! WE WILL START TO CONCENTRATE ON POWER.

We will also begin to work on stick handling – first with ringette rings then pucks.  

Remember to have fun = learning through games BUT keep the level of excitement up!

IP Practice focus areas from the Skill Development Binder Lesson III-17

From Manual:   V start , Tight turns1 foot stop, Backward skating, Stick handlingAvoidance – read and react

Warm up: Just Skate with pucks! COUNTER CLOCKWISE (opposite to last week) (5 min)

ALL IN   (under 10  minutes)   at one end of the ice  All are “there and back” activities 

 1. Red light , green light  game

2. “Fast as you can “

3. Two knees on EVERY line 9 including ringette lines)

4. Superman dive  at the blue lines                                              

8 station drills  5 minutes per rotation (SHORTER THAN LAST WEEK) 

Do first four then next four (2 instructors  per station)

Station 1    V start  3 or 4 steps (depends on the foot you want them to glide on) and then glide on two feet, then one foot.

Focus: Initial foot placement, three or four choppy quick steps

Station 2     Turns through 6  tires with ringette rings (stick inverted)

Focus: Staying low , leaning into turns, “cranking” stick around to help you turn

Station 3     Leap Frog – stop . Jumping over foam frog then stop with two feet

Focus: Power on takeoff, balance when landing followed by an instinctive stop (don’t worry about which side) 

Station 4     Backward skating using hoola hoops

Focus: Begin “C” cuts , Foreward sakter offers some push to make the backward skater move. 

Sation 5  Forehand pass (Players in a   circle – USING  plastic HOTDOGS) – pass and receive.

Focus: calling for a pass, pass to someone who is looking, receive pass gently witha cradle motion, hard pass not a “hit”

Station 6    Puck bounce of boards – players bounce pucks forhand and backhand off the boards

Focus: Power both forehand and backhand – NOT SLAP SHOTS!!!!!!, Reaction to the bounce requires them to plan and then move to the place the puck will be.

Station 7   Skating through a tire slalom with 12 + tires

Focus:  Tight turns , edge lean , stick swing to help turn.

Station 8  Hoola hoop skate Three players on a hoola hoop skate in circles both ways

Focus: This is really a turning drill with some random imbalance added due to the fact some skaters will skate harder than others.

Active game HOPEFULLY WE WILL HAVE TIME (doubtful) 5 minutes       

Freeze Tag intructors are “it”  RECOVERY “unfrozen” IF TOUCHED

END All instructors “Tunnel up” and kids “tap off” when they get off the ice.



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