Practice outline for Sat Oct 6 10,11,12,1

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IP Practice Oct 6, 2011 Merivale 10, 11, 12 and 1 focus areas

We will concentrate on avoidance skating (maneuverability, balance, edge control), speed and power in forward skating , pivoting forwards to backwards, the beginning of puck handling , as well as stopping.

Warm up Just skate with pucks (CLOCKWISE) 5 minutes

ALL IN   (10 minutes)  

1.       FAST AS YOU CAN SKATE there and back

2.       RABBIT SKATE hop over ALL the lines (ringette, blue, red, blue, ringette)

3.       FLAMINGO SKATE Skate to the blue line then glide on one foot to red line skate to blue line then glide on the other foot to the end

4.       SPINNING TOPS – Players spin to the blue line (one direction), then spin the other direction to the other  blue line then forwards to the end.

Stations (9 skaters per session – each station is about 6 minutes long )

  1. 1.          PLANET IN ORBIT SKATE  Divide group in 2 and use both circles. Players skate slowly inside the circle NOT ON THE LINE- the outside of the circle is a danger zone –   emphasizing leg over (tire in the middle for the sun will help) and keeping their weight on their inner skate. One circle is left, one is right. Emphasis is on stepping over NOT GLIDING.

Focus – inside edge control, stepping over

  1. 2.      RAPID SKATING (push the puck) Push (one hand – do not stickhandle!) the puck across the ice as FAST as possible. Repeat 4 times. Emphasis is on speed.

Focus: Rapid start, push the puck like it is on a shovel

  1. 3.         SHUTTLE RACE. Players start on boards and race to touch the lines defined by the 5 pylons. Players touch imaginary line defined by the pylon and then return to make a safe stop before the boards then go to the next furthest target.

Focus: Emphasis is on rapid start and stop – some conditioning

  1. 4.         SHARKS IN A TANK – just keep swimming like a shark has to do. Divide group in 2 – Skate randomly  inside the faceoff circles with their sticks reversed and holding on to the ringette ring. They must keep skating but cannot leave the circle

Focus: Head up, avoidance moves- NO CONTACT


ALL IN at centre line …  DIVIDE IN HALF BY TEAM (partners required) (under 10 minutes)


  1. One team (NO STICKS) does SAUCER PUSH to the far end and back on half the width of the ice. Focus: Power, skating with the knees bent
  2. One team(NEEDS STICKS)  does CHARIOT RACE ON KNEES to the far end and back on half the width of the ice

Focus: Power, skating with the knees bent

FUN GAME : (5 minutes)  FROZEN TAG BETWEEN THE RINGETTE LINES – FROZEN IF YOU PASS THAT LINE  Instructors are it  –  if time then  players will be it as well. Focus: Avoidance, quick reactions

All instructors “Tunnel up” and kids “tap off” when they get off the ice. This is an important part of the ritual – it reminds them BY NAME  they did a good job and that we look forward to seeing them next week.


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