Practice Saturday Oct 27 3- 7 Bell Arena

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Can’t believe how much they are improving!

Practice Outline. We are changing the rotation in two ways- we will try rotate to the right instead of near to far etc and we are trying a game in the middle instead of at the end. Players need consistency but also variety.


Stopping, skating backwards, skating with a puck

Warm up – SKATE WITH PUCKS (Clockwise) (5 minutes)

ALL IN (without pucks) – Basically the same core skills as we normally do.

1. Fast as they can to the end and back

2. Hop every line

3. Down on both knees every line

4. Full stop at every line

5. Superman dive

LINE UP DOWN THE SIDE BOARDS – 3 – 4  players per instructor

NOTE: This is a chance for more one on one time. All players skate across the ice  (10 minutes)

Skate backwards

Stop looking both ways

GAMES (10 minutes) – 2 different games played inside the blue lines SWITCH after 5 minutes

1. Don’t loose the ring   (10 Ringette rings and 18 players)

2. Soccer

4 stations

1. Tire push  Focus: Power

2. Receiving a pass and going in on net to score (two obstacles (tripod+ “V”) Focus: head up, puck on stick, eyes on target , good shot

3. Skating with ringette rings through tire course Focus: head up using arms to pull into the turn, edge control

4. Quick start race. – two tires 15 feet apart Each player races to the oopposite tire Focus: Quick start, power strides

IF TIME: Chariot race





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