Posted: November 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today we will start to really focus on the skills required to take the puck to the net and score

WARM UP – skate with pucks


Fast as you can

Hop every line

Change direction at every line (forwards backwards)


1. 2 nets take pass and go in on net and try to raise the puck finish by skating around the net

2 Stick handle through the high pylons

3. Skate around an individual tire both directions

4. 2 nets Take a pass and BACKHAND shot on net – finish by skating behind the net


5. 2 nets – pick up the puck (no pass) and do a wrap round both ways.

6. Figure 8 around two pylons

7. Slalom around tires (no puck)

8. 2 nets – one timer shot

GAME Mini games across the ice 2 pucks per game  to prepare for min games in December


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