Posted: December 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am VERY  pleased with both the instructors and our Timbits. The players have improved so much.>Today’s practice is more or less the same as we did last week. We will continue to  focus on the skills required to take the puck to the net and score. Our first game is in three weeks.

WARM UP – Minigames with the teams separated in each end using 10 balls per end


Fast as you can

Stop at every line

Hop every line

Change direction at every line (forwards backwards)


1. 2 nets Take pass and go in on net and try to raise the puck finish by skating around the net

2 Stick handle through the high pylons (hand position and cupping the puck with the blade of the stick)

3. Skate around an individual tire both directions (Leaning into turns – inside edge control)

4. 2 nets Take a pass and BACKHAND shot on net – finish by skating behind the net


5. 2 nets – Pairs of players pick up the puck , pass to each other and then shoot 

6. Figure 8 around two pylons (head up, edge control, keeping stick down, power through the turn)

7. Slalom around tires (use ringette rings) (edge control)

8. 2 nets – one timer shot (Balance, getting in position)

GAME Mini games across the ice 2 pucks per game  to prepare for min games in December


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