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Our mini games are coming and there are a few special considerations;

On game night FOUR teams will play at once . This means there will be 72 players involved.This number can cause some issues and needs to be understood before that first game:

1. We only have two dressing rooms for people so PLAYERS MUST ARRIVE DRESSED except for their skates.

2. Parents can not all fit in the dressing room so a few parents have to agree to be skate tighteners.

3. Once on ice the  two teams scheduled to play each other will sit on the same player’s bench. This will involve lots of crowding. To help this and to maximize the amount of skating for every player the teams will be divided in thirds by the bench parent:Each three minutes the buzzer will sound and a rotation will occur.

1/3 will take part in a three minute shift playing a cross ice game .When the buzzer sounds they will go to the skill area

1/3 will sit on the bench waiting to join the game

1/3 will be in the area between the blue lines doing a three minute skill development activity with me

We will not clear the ice so we will have  approximately 48 minutes of hockey. So every player will play for 16 minutes, sit for 16 minutes and practice skills for 16 minutes.

At the end of the games we will need to quickly get off the ice.


ONE PUCK, goalies have a goalie stick supplied – All players who want to will have a chance to play goalie. There are no goalie pads but I am hoping to arrange that for later in the year-  in case some players want to try to learn the position. Two of our instructors are goalies so we have the possibility to segregate players who might want to be goalies next year in Novice. More on this after I have spoken to the NMHA

Start with a face off with one player from each team. A face off occurs every time there is a goal scored. NO SCORE IS KEPT NOR ARE WINNERS DECLARED…but I hope parents recognize their child’s first goal or assist or special moments like “hat tricks”





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