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FOCUS areas:

  1. Handling the puck
  2. Using the boards
  3. Shooting on net

Warm up: Skate with pucks and SHOOT   skate in a clockwise direction.

 4 nets set up at the boards at the blue lines. The idea is to shoot at the net BY BOUNCING IT OFF THE BOARDS AND IN and pick up a new puck and go to the next net and shoot – pick up a new puck etc. We need one instructor at each net to pull out the pucks and keep it going.

ALL IN – NOTE:  RINK DIVIDED IN HALF UP THE MIDDLE with tires – (teams are separated )

  1. Fast as you can to the end and return( NO STOPPING AT ONE END)
  2. NO PUCKS Skate to every pylon and stop. (10 pylons  arranged going up the ice from BLUE LINE TO BLUE LINE)
  3. Push (shovel technique) the puck to the end and return ( NO STOPPING AT ONE END)
  4. Bounce the puck off the boards to the other end and return (NO STOPPING AT ONE END

Stations: (note nets are between the blue lines and the red line – not at the ends)

  1. 1.       Pass to a partner on both sides of a tire (obstacle) Focus – moving to get open to pass and receive the pass.
  2. NET (2) –One time shot   Focus – Body position , strong shot
  3. NET (2)  Take a pass and go around  a “V” of pylons and shoot  (Forehand or backhand)
  4. Chase puck to the corner and return (one at a time – several can go at once – not a competition for the puck since each player is chasing their own puck)  Focus: acceleration, anticipating bounce


  1. Race to the puck (pairs of players follow the bounce off the boards ) stay with short distancesFocus: acceleration, anticipating bounce
  2. NET (2) Shoot on PVC goalie – Focus: find the hole  – use some movement to make it challenging
  3. NET (2) Shoot four pucks in a row on the net  (forehand – pucks are spread out across the face of the net) Focus getting their body in position to shoot, strong shot, hit the net
  4.  Hotdog, hamburger, fry games – Focus: Call for pass, deliver pass on target when the person is ready

END ACTIVITY Mini games 3 pucks per game


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