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Exciting first games! Now you all see what I meant by crowded dressing rooms.The rotation will get better once the players and parent volunteers have got accustomed to it. Remember at no point can anyone be on ice without a helmet. This is a  safety issue. Next game we will be going to 4 minute shifts. This will reduce changes and will maximize their time on ice

Saturday’s practice outline. Focus is back to skating

Warm up skating length to length with pucks – focus is on keeping their head up and avoiding collisions

ALL IN – Now done as teams skating lengthwise on their own side of the ice.

1. Fast as you can there and back

2. One foot other foot there and back

3. Hop every line there and back

4. Stork (knee up and glide) at every line

5. Touch knee down at every line

6.Fall at every line

7. Change direction (front to back to front) at every line and back

8. Stop at every line and wave  at the stands.

9. Skate backwards STOP AT THE END (to avoid collisions) then repeat

Split into 4 stations

1. Instructor and player pass back and forth and shoot on moving plastic goalie

( 3 instructors)

2. Quick acceleration then slalom without pucks   (burst – 3 pylons – burst -3 pylons  – burst – 3 – burst -3

(2 instructors)

3. Skate across ice with puck – bounce off boards then recover it and repeat at the opposite side

( 2 instructors)

4.  Skate around an individual  tire – forwards in both directions then backwards in both directions

(3 instructors)

CLOSING GAME   Freeze tag.

Candy canes at the end.

Practice next week Dec 29 at BELL 3-7


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