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Focus is back to skating

Warm up skating length to length with pucks

AS TEAMS SO TIRES NEEDED UP THE CENTRE OF THE ICE – focus is on keeping their head up and avoiding collisions

ALL IN – Now done as teams skating lengthwise on their own side of the ice.

1. Fast as you can there and back

2. One foot – other foot there and back

3. Fast run

4. Stork (knee up and glide) at every line

5. Hop every line there and back

6. Touch one knee down at every line

7. Fall (two knees) at every line

8. Change direction (front to back to front) at every line and back

9. Stop at every line and wave at the stands there and back

10. Skate backwards STOP AT THE END (to avoid collisions) then repeat

Split into 4 stations  4 nets needed

1. Instructor and player pass back and forth and shoot on moving plastic goalie GIVE AND GO ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE ICE – to allow multiple strong passes                                                                                  Focus : getting and making a pass, shooting to the “hole” ( 3 instructors)

2. Quick acceleration then slalom without pucks  (burst – 3 pylons – burst -3 pylons  etc

Focus : rapid acceleration and then maintaining speed and balance as they turn (2 instructors)

3. Skate through four high pylons with a puck and back through 4 pylons

Focus : stick handling and acceleration (2 instructors)

4.  Three shots in a row into the nets – player returns to pylon then goes to pucks– 3 nets needed

Focus:  getting into the position to shoot, forehand backhand shot and rapidly getting to a puck.

(3 instructors)


CLOSING GAME   Freeze tag

Candy canes at the end. OOPS FORGOT THEM LAST WEEK!!!

NEXT GAME FRIDAY JAN 4 WBB  5:30   4  vs  8    2  vs  5

6:30   3  vs  7    1  vs  6

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