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Focus – Based on the performance during the games moving the puck (either alone or passing)  is still a major concern

Need 2 nets

Warm up  Skate with pucks(  no nets)

ALL IN with pucks

  1. Fast as you can to the end and back
  2. Push to the end and back
  3. Hop the lines and back
  4. Stop at every line and back


Goalies at one end

  1. 1.       Tire push  (full size tires)

Focus: Strong push, knees bent, head up

  1. 2.       Ringette rings through pylons

Focus: Tight turns, using upper body to pull around pylons

  1. 3.       Backward skating with hoola hoops in two hands

Focus Knees bent, C cuts, Head up

  1. 4.       Two on none shoot at goalie NET

Focus: Strong passes, Skating into the pass, shooting at opening


  1. 5.       Tire bounce – bounce puck off tires recover without moving their feet

Focus: Balance and shifting weight

  1. 6.       Stick handling in place right centre, left

Focus: Stickhandling in all three possible places         

       7.  Race with ducks and hoola hoops in partners

            Focus: Co-operation , balance

      8.   Two on none wrap around to open man

              Focus: Wrap around – pass to open man in front who takes a one timer


Wrap up game  Score fest

 Teams line up at blue line and try to shoot  it past the instructors who are at centre ice.


We will continue to work with goalies thanks to Travis and Liam.

I am a little concerned that if one player on the team  is consistently working on being a goalie there will be a plateau in their skating development. None of our goalies can safely do the skating drills in full gear. I will let you know where we go on this. Until then I hope any player who wants to try will get the chance!


WARM UP Skating with the small tennis balls.

ALL IN (but only to the blue line)

1. Fast as you can there and back twice

2. Stopping at every line

3. Hopping every line

4. Changing direction at every line

5 Stop and go drill 


1. Goalie work

2. Moving across the face of the net to three pucks and shooting BOTH  DIRECTIONS!

Focus: Balance, body position, strong shot -both fore hand and back hand

3. Partner passing 

Focus: Strong accurate passes and soft hands on receiving the pass

4. Tire push

Focus: Strong skating with knees bent and head up.

5. Avoiding the defence and shooting on nets (TWO NETS – one for fore hand one for backhand)

Second round of stations

6. Goalie training continues

7. Duck relay race 

Focus: Balance,rapid acceleration, skating quickly

8 “tap / tap” stationary stick handling  to the right, left and midline

Focus – Controlled puck movement 

9. Bounce shot off tire and recover

Focus: Reaction to the bounce

10. Wrap around with a  trailing partner

Focus wrap around with a pass to the partner who is positioned to the open side of the net

GAME: SCORE ON THE COACHES ALL the pucks, ALL the nets – say no more!!!

We now really have goalies!

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It was great to see players in goalie gear in the nets for the 5:30 games! I think it is critical that players don’t have their first experience in Novice when there are winners and losers in games. So far we have 5 sets of gear and I have bought the 7 bags that were available to transport them . Since he Canucks have a player with his own gear we almost have 6 sets if we get creative So far teams 2,6, 7 and 8,have been given equipment. I am trying to get more..On Friday In the first game 3 v 1 currently have no gear I will try to work something iut. Teams 5 and 7 will have gear (I will bring it for team 5) In the second games slot 6 v 8  will have gear from Wednesday and so will 2 in the 4 v 2 game. I hope teams 1,3 and 4 can be patient while I try to get the rest of the gear. Kanata uses road hockey gear – which we might have to resort to. All of last year IP2 had no gear  – so Karen getting us 5 sets so far is amazing. THANKS KAREN!! 

Your Timbit’s brain is protected by two bits of safety equipment:

1. A helmet with a snug fitting chin strap

2. A mouth guard

The mouth guard was never designed to protect the mouth -It is designed to reduce the chance of concussions when the teeth are forced together in a  fall. It appears that some of our players are copying the bad behaviour shown in the bigs – namely not wearing the mouth guard but instead using it as a grown up chew toy.IT IS MANDATORY THAT ALL PLAYERS KEEP THEIR MOUTH GUARD ON AND IN THEIR MOUTH DURING ALL THE TIME THEY ARE ON ICE/ Please take a minute and talk this over with your Timbit. Later in hockey not having it n properly will start as a two minute penalty and quickly escalate to a suspension.  Let’s keep the Timbits out of the box (except the tasty ones!) and safe (again except the tasty ones!)

Practice outline for Saturday Jan 12 Bell 3- 7

Warm up: Stick handle with small tennis balls (one large circle counter clockwise – both teams).

ALL IN activities

Fast as you can to the end and back twice

One foot glide at every line

Right foot left foot lift

Forward to backward to forward at every line

Stop at every line

5 stations –

1.Goalie training (1 net)  This is a chance for players who might want to try to be a goalie to try on the equipment. Travis and Liam will plan this. NO GOALIE PRACTICE NEXT WEEK

2,Two on none pass and come in on the net. (No goalie) Focus: on strong passes

3. One timer shots into net.  Focus on reacting to the puck and hitting the puck firmly

4. Backward skating with a ball in a plunger. Focus. Head up, strong C cuts and bent legs

5. Pylon slalom with ringette rings Focus on using the upper body to pull through tight turns and edge control.

Next set of stations

1. Goalie training continues

2, Stick handling a puck – in a straight line  Focus on head up ,”Tap- tap”  puck control with tilting of the stick

3 . 3 pucks arranged across the net. Player comes from one side and shoots all three pucks. Alternate sides. Focus Moving to the pucks and making the shot.

4. Shooting at a goalie (our plastic friend) Focus: Choosing hole to shoot at good strong forehand or backhand shots

5. Soccer using small basketballs and “metallic” balls Focus on using BOTH their feet  to control the ball

GAME:Frozen tag – players are it.


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Karen Russel has got us 3 more sets of pads. This means that we now have 5. One player has his own so if he plays nets we have 6 sets. This is really close to having a set per team so we could use goalies in the games. I would like to do this BUT ONLY WHEN WE HAVE 8 SETS so every team can if they want dress a goalie. I bought 4 sticks – using my own money so we would need to share those for the games so I don’t have to buy 4 more at $30 a pop. I will try to get more pads (21″, 22″ or 23″ are best) If anyone can score another two then IP goes pro!!! We will NOT use pads for the first game(WEDNESDAY Jan 16 WBB )  this week but I hope to try for our second game (FRI Jan 18 NSPLEX 2)

Changes to our secret activity

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Due to the Timbits Jamboree Feb 2 we have  rescheduled our secret event. I will get the info to you ASAP. ALL teams need to register for the jamboree – it is a great opportunity to skate on the big ice.