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Practice outline: 4 nets needed
WARM UP ACTIVITY – skate with pucks divided up the middle into two teams


Fast as you can

Hop the lines

Two knees at every line

One foot glide at every line

Forward to backward to forward at every line

Stop at every line

5 stations –

1.Goalie training This is a chance for players who might want to try to be a goalie to try on the equipment. Travis and Liam will plan this .

2,Two on none pass and come in on the net. (No goalie) concentrate on the passing

3. One timer shots into net Focus on reacting to the puck and hitting the puck firmly

4. Backward skating with a ball in a plunger. Focus. Head up, strong C cuts and bent legs

5. Pylon slalom with ringette rings Focus on tight turns and edge control.

Next set

1. Goalie training continues

2, Stick handling a puck trough the pylons Focus on head up , puck control with tilting of the stick

3 . Race between tires Focus on rapid strong push off and stop at the other end

4. Shooting at a goalie (our plastic friend) Focus: Choosing hole to shoot at good strong forehand or backhand shots

5. Skating around a tire – BOTH DIRECTIONS FORWARDS AND BACKWARDS Focus: Cross over and maintaining balance 

GAME:  Blob races 3 to a tire


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