What to do when you are upset

Posted: January 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Sadly at the second game yesterday a parent on the Zombies decided that the correct time to display his dissatisfaction with the IP program was in front of all the parents and players from 4 teams. If you are concerned about what you see the you are expected to follow the following simple guidelines;

1. Stop and think about what you are concerned about.

2. Write it down so you are sure of what you want to say.

3. Give it to me.

I will respond to every single request for a concern or a suggestion.

4. If you do not like the answer then contact our director who also is our president Karen Russell – her home phone is on the NMHA website. Despite what the parent said last night Karen is very conscientious about responding to calls or emails

As far as ;last night’s fiasco – WB”B” plays on the half hour, This means we need to be fully off ice by 7:20 so the ice crew can prepare the ice for the people coming on at 7:30. I STOPPED PLAY AT 7:18 30 leaving us only 1.5 minutes to get 60 kids and the gear off the ice. I DID NOT STOP EARLY and my program IS NOT A JOKE AS THE PARENT STATED.

I gain 5 minutes per session above the allocated 50 minutes by not cleaning the ice between games, Part of the confusion might have been the clock which we set for 60 minutes and started when we are ready. The clock is used to allow me to time 3 minute shifts.. It is not set to go off when our time is up. There was time remaining on the “game clock” but not on the real time clock.

The suggestion that the activities in the neutral zone are a joke is upsetting. There are three shifts of players on each team. This means one is one the ice and the other two are on the bench. By adding the skill development in the middle zone players only sit one third of their time. I CAN’T IMAGINE WHY A PARENT WOULD FIND SITTING BETTER THAN SKATING???

Frankly I have seen the bad news hockey parents over the 30 + years I have been coaching. They wreck it for everyone. Driving good coaches and officials out of the game by their harassing behaviour..I would suggest that all parents look at my blog posts which explain what we do and why and also look at the Hockey Canada IP LEARN THROUGH PLAY program.

As you might guess I am not very impressed with the behaviour shown last night. I spoke to Karen Russell last night and was assured that parents and players will not have to see such displays again.

Special thank you to all the parents who came out to reassure me after . It was appreciated.

Until I see your happy face at the rink!


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