Posted: January 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Your Timbit’s brain is protected by two bits of safety equipment:

1. A helmet with a snug fitting chin strap

2. A mouth guard

The mouth guard was never designed to protect the mouth -It is designed to reduce the chance of concussions when the teeth are forced together in a  fall. It appears that some of our players are copying the bad behaviour shown in the bigs – namely not wearing the mouth guard but instead using it as a grown up chew toy.IT IS MANDATORY THAT ALL PLAYERS KEEP THEIR MOUTH GUARD ON AND IN THEIR MOUTH DURING ALL THE TIME THEY ARE ON ICE/ Please take a minute and talk this over with your Timbit. Later in hockey not having it n properly will start as a two minute penalty and quickly escalate to a suspension.  Let’s keep the Timbits out of the box (except the tasty ones!) and safe (again except the tasty ones!)


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