Practice outline Saturday Jan 19 Merivale 10 – 2

Posted: January 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

We will continue to work with goalies thanks to Travis and Liam.

I am a little concerned that if one player on the team  is consistently working on being a goalie there will be a plateau in their skating development. None of our goalies can safely do the skating drills in full gear. I will let you know where we go on this. Until then I hope any player who wants to try will get the chance!


WARM UP Skating with the small tennis balls.

ALL IN (but only to the blue line)

1. Fast as you can there and back twice

2. Stopping at every line

3. Hopping every line

4. Changing direction at every line

5 Stop and go drill 


1. Goalie work

2. Moving across the face of the net to three pucks and shooting BOTH  DIRECTIONS!

Focus: Balance, body position, strong shot -both fore hand and back hand

3. Partner passing 

Focus: Strong accurate passes and soft hands on receiving the pass

4. Tire push

Focus: Strong skating with knees bent and head up.

5. Avoiding the defence and shooting on nets (TWO NETS – one for fore hand one for backhand)

Second round of stations

6. Goalie training continues

7. Duck relay race 

Focus: Balance,rapid acceleration, skating quickly

8 “tap / tap” stationary stick handling  to the right, left and midline

Focus – Controlled puck movement 

9. Bounce shot off tire and recover

Focus: Reaction to the bounce

10. Wrap around with a  trailing partner

Focus wrap around with a pass to the partner who is positioned to the open side of the net

GAME: SCORE ON THE COACHES ALL the pucks, ALL the nets – say no more!!!


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