We now really have goalies!

Posted: January 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

It was great to see players in goalie gear in the nets for the 5:30 games! I think it is critical that players don’t have their first experience in Novice when there are winners and losers in games. So far we have 5 sets of gear and I have bought the 7 bags that were available to transport them . Since he Canucks have a player with his own gear we almost have 6 sets if we get creative So far teams 2,6, 7 and 8,have been given equipment. I am trying to get more..On Friday In the first game 3 v 1 currently have no gear I will try to work something iut. Teams 5 and 7 will have gear (I will bring it for team 5) In the second games slot 6 v 8  will have gear from Wednesday and so will 2 in the 4 v 2 game. I hope teams 1,3 and 4 can be patient while I try to get the rest of the gear. Kanata uses road hockey gear – which we might have to resort to. All of last year IP2 had no gear  – so Karen getting us 5 sets so far is amazing. THANKS KAREN!! 


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