Posted: February 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

I am very pleased with the improvement in the skill level in the games.. Instructors have now begun to try to get players to play positionally. The first step is to get defence to stay in front of their goalie. Next year coaches will activate their defencemen. Every coach will have their own vision of this. The second step is to have players spread out and pass . In both these instances YOU CAN HELP by reminding your Timbits what to do. It is really helpful to sit with them and point out things during an NHL or OHL game.

Many players are coming late to games – I know it is often hard to get to the arena considering work, weather and traffic Please try to get there on time.

You probably have noticed some games we do not practice in the neutral zone. We will only have a neutral zone activity if their is a surplus of players (ie more than 12 on the team bench) When players arrive after the decision to have the zone or not has been made it is awkward to start it. The zone is concentrating on three things for the time being: 1, Stopping, 2. Skating backwards 3. Shifting weight to the drive foot – to increase power

You might have noticed that we have switched to 4 minute shifts instead of three. This reduces the number of “chaos times” as players move in and out of the bench.

Goalies – The hope is to rotate goalies in the games so everyone can get a chance. If your son has decided to be a goalie then it is critical they arrive extra early so they can get their gear on.


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