Practice out line for Jan 26 – Not sure why it didn’t post?

Posted: February 7, 2013 in Uncategorized


Focus – Based on the performance during the games moving the puck (either alone or passing)  is still a major concern

Need 2 nets

Warm up  Skate with pucks(  no nets)

ALL IN with pucks

  1. Fast as you can to the end and back
  2. Push to the end and back
  3. Hop the lines and back
  4. Stop at every line and back


Goalies at one end

1.       Tire push  (full size tires)

Focus: Strong push, knees bent, head up

2.       Ringette rings through pylons

Focus: Tight turns, using upper body to pull around pylons

3.       Backward skating with hoola hoops in two hands

Focus Knees bent, C cuts, Head up

4.       Two on none shoot at goalie NET

Focus: Strong passes, Skating into the pass, shooting at opening


5.       Tire bounce – bounce puck off tires recover without moving their feet

Focus: Balance and shifting weight

6.       Stick handling in place right centre, left

Focus: Stickhandling in all three possible places        

      7.  Race with ducks and hoola hoops in partners

            Focus: Co-operation , balance

      8.   Two on none wrap around to open man

              Focus: Wrap around – pass to open man in front who takes a one timer


Wrap up game  Score fest

 Teams line up at blue line and try to shoot  it past the instructors who are at centre ice.


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