Practice Outline Saturday Feb 9 Merivale 10 -3

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Focus – Puck control and power while skating (with or without the puck)

Need 4 nets

Warm up  Skate with pucks ( slightly shorter and with no nets)

ALL IN with pucks

  1. Fast as you can to the end and back
  2. Push to the end and back
  3. Hop the lines and back
  4. Stop at every line and back


Goalies at one end

1.       Tire push  (full size tires)

Focus: Strong push, knees bent, head up

2.       Ringette rings through pylons arranged in a straight line

Focus: Skate quickly and shift weight from side to side

3.       Partner rope pull

Focus: Power for the skater  – balance for the towed partner

4.       Two on none shoot at goalie  

Focus: Strong passes, Skating into the pass, shooting at opening     

Second round of stations

5. .       Stick handling “TAP TAP” while skating in a straight line 

Focus: Stickhandling with head up and tilting the stick to control the puck

6.    Two man tug of war with small rope loops

Focus : Edge control – NOT OVERPOWERING    

7.  Pick up Hoola Hoops  

            Focus:Balance, edge control

      8.   Two on none wrap around to open man

              Focus: Wrap around – pass to open man in front who takes a one timer


Wrap up game  Score fest

 Teams line up around the centre circle and try to shoot yellow balls (my shins need a break! LOL) past the instructors who are guarding the four nets arranged in a square at centre ice. 


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