Practice outline Sat Feb 16, Bell 3-7

Posted: February 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

Practice Outline Sat Feb 16, Bell 3 – 7    55 minutes

Primary focus is on puck control leading to a shot. Need 4 nets.

Also working on getting more power into the stride

Warm up – divide teams to half ice:  SKATE WITH BALLS  can shoot at all nets  LIKE THE GAME WARM UP (5 minutes)


ALL IN ( teams divided up the middle):

 Full length game (2 laps) Rink in half by team (10 minutes)

Chariot race (One lap then switch partners)

Saucer race (10 saucers)

Focus for both is bent knees and power strides


ALL IN (15 minutes)

Fast as you can with pucks

Hop every line with pucks

Change direction at blue line and red line with pucks

Stop at every line with pucks



STATIONS: 5 minutes each  – or more if time allows (20 minutes)

NET 1 Goalie drills at one end


NET 2 Two on none with the PVC goalie (opposite end to goalie drills and skating in from blue line) Focus: Passing, Keeping their head up, shooting at the hole

Fast as you can through STRAIGHT PYLONS with ringette ringsFocus: edge control, weight transfer and power in the stride

NET 3 One timer drill into empty net (two shots from instructors) HARD TO  DO! Focus : Balance, quick release, making decision on forehand or backhand

NET 4 Two on none wrap around to trailing partner. Focus: Puck control in wrap around , good pass to partner, quick shot


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