Practice Outline Saturday Feb 23 Merivale 10 – 2

Posted: February 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Practice Outline    55 minutes

Primary focus is on  puck control, passing  and shooting. Need 4 nets.

Warm up (6 minutes maximum) – Skate (with pucks) through pylons- encourage the ” deek” around the pylons THIS WILL REQUIRE ACTIVE SUPPORT BY THE INSTRUCTORS


Two activities :(10 minutes – 5 minutes each or less)

a. Chariot race around a circular pylon route (One lap then switch partners)

Focus : Power and bent knees

b. Every player gets a ball that they throw up and catch 

Focus: Head up balance VERY HARD FOR YOUNG PLAYERS!

ALL IN NO PUCKS ONE END (10 minutes)

Fast as you can 

Hop every line 

Fall and get up at every line

Change direction at blue line and blue line 

Stop at every line 

STATIONS: 5 – 6 minutes each  – or more if time allows (30 minutes)

First five minutes after players are sent to stations is for players to bounce pucks off the boards. Instructors focus on hard shots fore hand and backhand – correct body position and follow through.

1. NET 1 Goalie drills at one end This will occur if the goalie instructor is available, 

2. NET 2 Two on none with the PVC goalie (opposite end to goalie drills and skating in from blue line) Focus: Passing, Keeping their head up, shooting at the hole

3. STICK HANDLING THROUGH STRAIGHT LINE OF PYLONS   Focus: Tilting the blade of the stick to keep the puck under control TWO LINES TO INCREASE REPS

4. NET 3 BACK HAND DRILL with PVC goalie Focus : Moving puck to the backhand and shooting for a hole

5. NET 4 Two on none wrap around to trailing partner.Focus: Puck control in wrap around , good pass to partner, quick shot 

WRAP UP Probably mot enough time > If time then freeze tag against instructors (prey)

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