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Why Timbits rock!

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1. They smile even when working hard and get the idea of learning through play

2. They fall down and get back up

3. They never ask to stop so they can sit around

4. They understand that effort helps set the stage to have fun

5. They never ask for a better contract or they will refuse to play




We tried shorter time full ice games and I think everyone seemed to love the full ice. Lots of smiles in the parents and wet hair in the players!  I think it is clear that next year IP should perhaps have their last 5 or 6 games full ice but full time. This would really help our Timbits in their transition to Novice.

I think calling off sides helped teach the point but I am not convinced that it helped the game. I think next year IP should start teaching off sides a little sooner in the  practice format.

The lessons we learned will be applied to the upcoming tournament SUNDAY APRIL 14. at Walter baker A from 8- 5

The coaches will be meeting at my house Saturday April 6 to offer their ideas for that day.

From what I saw… I would like to play slightly longer games – the result being that teams would only play 3 times or perhaps only 2 times. This will take away from the excitement of the tournament atmosphere but may making the actual games a little better and less rushed.

I will send out the decision ASAP following the coach meeting. Feel free to share your insights with the parent reps.


Focus:  Games on skates  FUN AND DONE! – NO PUCKS

Warm up Skate :Very short

ALL IN  (10 + minutes)

–          Fast as you can

–          Hop every line

–          1 knee at every line

–          2 knees at every line

–          stop at every line

–          transition front to back at every line

–          tornado skate  both ways

–          centre ice for short talk about the season and a goodbye

Leave sticks in centre circle

We will rotate through 8 games over 35 minutes so 4  minutes per game

Divide into four groups and repeat  … so 5 – 8  per group?

# Game Equipment needed
1 Hockey Basketball Ball 2 basketball nets    8 balls                 No competition
2 Bowling for Timbits 4 Pilates balls and high pylons
3 Big ball   Net ball 2 Pilates balls    2 nets
4 Easter Egg Hunt Tennis balls + 8 mushroom pylons

Session 2

# Game Equipment needed
1 Fly ball 8 Balls
2 Big ball pylon push High pylons and 4  Pilates balls
3 Blob Soccer Tires + Soccer balls and two nets
4 Egg race  Plungers, porcupine  balls and pylons

GAME: Rabbit Freeze Tag with Safety Zones (3 minutes)

This  day is a memorial FUN DAY  tournament for David MacDonald and an excellent  an opportunity to meet as a team to wrap up the season

I will pick up all the NMHA trophies and will bring them to the tournament.

The hope is that teams will find time during the day to arrange a team meal at somewhere like Broadways to share some food and give out their team’s trophies.

This sis a fun tournament where every team will play four  27 minute games over the course of the day.

EVERY player will get a medal and in addition each coach will be given a “most sportsmanlike” medal to award after  each game.

The player chosen each game should be that player that shows the most team spirit and sense of fun during the game.. IT IS NOT  the most valuable player award.

The first two game schedule is as follows:

First game : 27 minute time slot – 3 for warm up 24 for the game  (3 minute shifts)
8:00 – 8:27  Penguins vs Boston
8:28 – 8:55  Canadiens vs White Zombies
8:55 – 9:22  Wild  vs  Flames
9:22 – 9:50  Mighty Blue Sharks (Vancouver)  vs Dark Blue Sharks
Winning teams become in Side A and  Losing teams in that first game  become Side B
After this first game all the winning teams will be in placed in one group of 4 and the losing teams will be placed in another group of 4.
10:00 winner of first game vs winner of second game.
10:28  loser of first game vs loser of second game
10:55 winner of third game vs winner of fourth game
11:22  loser of third game vs loser of fourth game

Teams will continue to  play the other teams in their group (2 more games) and the day will wrap up with a game between the top two teams in each group for the side A and side B championship.

I can not tell you when your  games will be  is until after that first sorting game.

I will try to never have back to back games. This  will allow you to make it out to have a moment with your team. This may happen in the very last time slot before our “championship games”.

A few  important points:

The score board will be on and in keeping with NMHA policy the scores will not be shown is the goal difference is over 5.

There will be winners in each game – losing a game is not anything to be upset about. Next yea,r in October  almost  all the Timbits will be in Novice with a similar recording of  scores.

The emphasis on the day will be in participation and good sportsmanship… and making sure everyone gets a medal!

Please take a minute to read my final blog with your Timbit…. it is meant for both you as parents and them as players.  I will post it after our last practice next Saturday.

Friday is our last game and we are going to try something different – a full ice half time game format.

The teams will play full ice with off sides called.

The games will be 27 minutes long including a 2-3 minute warm up

It is important that players get there on time since timing is critical.

Schedule for our Friday game:
5:30 – 5:57   Teams  3  v   5
5:58 – 6:25   Teams  4  v   6
6:26 – 6:52   Teams  1  v  7
6:53 – 7:20   Teams  8  v  2
NOTE: Home team is LAST team listed
Pregame warm up will be a simple skate for 2 – 3 minutes ie NO BALLS
Please check the blog that outlines the format for this fun day.




Fast as you can x 2

Step over every line as if there was a rope

Hop every line

One knee every line

Two knees every line

Superman dive at Blue lines

Stork (one foot – hold the knee)every line

“Plane” – arms out back leg extended  every line

Tornado skate BOTH ways around the central circle

6 STATION DRILLS    (30 minutes)

1. BOX SHOTS – shooting puck into box.

Focus: strong, quick and  accurate shots, agility


Focus: Agility, quick turns in both directions to avoid pursuit

3, SPIN OUT TURN – skate to boards and turn away around a pylon (right and left)

Focus: Tight turns to both sides


Focus: Agility, edge control, crossing over




Focus: Coming across the face of the net from both sides taking forehand and backhand shots

WRAP UP – IF TIME  Freeze Tag – Players are it first

MODIFIED  Practice outline for Sunday Mar 16  Bell arena 3-8

WE ARE REALLY SHORT INSTRUCTORS DUE TO THE BREAK ………………..Flexibility is the key here!

So assume 3 stations since we only have three instructors (David, Travis, Adam )  – 1 instructor per station????


MAIN Focus is puck handling leading to a shot on net.

WARM UP – Skate with pucks (shoot on nets optional)  (5 minutes)

ALL IN (can be expanded  since we are short instructors)  ( 20 minutes)

There and back twice

Transition forward to backward twice

1,2,3 STOP wave at parents once


#1 everyone gets a puck and goes to side boards – skate across ice – bounce off the opposite board and recross the ice and repeat.

Focus : heads up, predict the bounce and turn into it (so practice turning both ways)

#2 Line up at centre line and blue line and try to get the puck past the other line. Once it gets past the puck is dead – continues until  all pucks are shot past the line. Winning team will have the fewest number of pucks at their end

Focus: stick on ice, strong shot. pivoting,

#3 Stick hop players drop their sticks and then randomly skate around the rink hopping over every stick

Focus: heads up, pivoting, balance, acceleration to a spot on the ice

Ends with TORNADO SKATE at centre circle both ways

3 stations x 2 (4 minutes each = 30 minutes with transition):

Note # 3 may be removed based on number of instructors.

1. Two on none with goalie                                      TRAVIS

Focus: Strong passes and shoot into “open” part of the net

2. Hotdog Hamburger and Fries passing drill        DAVID

Focus: call for pass, strong pass, settling down the “puck”

4. One time shot to shot on open net with PVC Goalie         ADAM

Focus going to the puck, settling down , and shooting around PVC  goalie

Repeat stations with new content

1. Two on none with a wrap around using the goalie   OBSTACLE (new) is  in front of the net  TRAVIS

Focus: Control on trip around net, strong pass to a player who is ready to receive and shoot in the open area of the net.

2. Backward skating holding a large hoola hoop parallel to the ice- transition to pulling another player who is holding onto the hoola hoop  DAVID

Focus: Broad stance, strong c cuts

3. Crossing drill – pass. Players start in opposite corners (Actually up on the half wall) and cross in front of the net . Player with puck (always one side) passes to the approaching player who shoots on net. Since they will come from both sides every second shot they take will be a backhand.    ADAM

Focus: Head up. Good pass,  receive pass and take the shot as they cross in front of the net.