Practice outline Saturday Mar 2 Bell 3- 7 Sunday Mar 3 WB 11- 3

Posted: March 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Practice Outline for Saturday Mar 2 (Bell 3,4,5 and 6)  and Sunday Mar 3 (WB 11,12,1 and 2)

NOTE: Shortage of instructors this weekend due to playoffs and tournaments we will do things a little differently

Equipment required:

Only need two nets!


16 bike tires

24 pylons

PVC goalie + stick

PRACTICE FOCUS: Balance, stopping, passing, skating speed, skating with the puck

WARM UP (4 minutes):  NO PUCKS! Stop at every pylon that are randomly spread around the ice

ALL IN SKATING (10 +  minutes (no pucks):

Fast as you can (there and back)

Fast to first line then slow then fast then slow

One foot, other foot (repeat)

Push, Push ,Push,  HOP (repeat)

Change direction at every line

Stop and wave at every line


DIVIDE PLAYERS INTO GROUPS BASED ON THE NUMBER OF INSTRUCTORS – Assuming 5 instructors   then 6 players per instructor. Instructors take them through the stations  = PERSONAL CARE

(5 minutes per station = 25 minutes)

STATION 0 Goalies – Liam by himself

STATION 1  Skate randomly  inside the circles with pucks without letting them leave the circle

Focus : Keeping head up and puck on the stick and avoiding collisions

STATION 2 Skate down blue line stick handling right along the line

Focus: Rotating stick to receive puck, head up, control

STATION 3 Skate around a tire in both directions then to figure eight around two tires

Focus: Crossing outside leg over!  Figure eight – tight turn in both directions

STATION 4 Shuttle skate (to pylon and back) – 3 pylons

Focus: Good acceleration and controlled stop with two feet.

STATION 5 Two on none drill with PVC goalie

Focus: Strong passes and good shot on the goalie

WRAP UP: Mini game – blue line to blue line


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