Practice outline for Sunday Mar 10 Merivale arena

Posted: March 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Practice outline for Sunday Mar 10  Merivale arena


NEED THREE NETS two at one end and one at the other for the goalie


WARM UP – Skate with pucks (shoot on nets optional)

ALL IN ( really reduced time since we have 8 stations)

There and back twice

Transition forward to backward twice


5 stations:

1. Goalie   TRAVIS

2. 2 on none with PVC Goalie  ADAM

Focus: Strong passes and shoot into “open” part of the net

3. Hockey ball with basketball nets   DAVID

Focus: Balance, spinning, weight transfer, avoidance.

4. Partner pull using belts  BRENDON

Focus: Strong forward stride – dig in edges

5. Stickhandling with pipe barriers     PHIRUN

Focus: Stick handling with a “soft touch”


Repeat stations with new content


2. Two on none with a wrap around using the PVC goalie  + OBSTACLE (new)  in front of the net

Focus: Control on trip around net, strong pass to a player who is ready to receive and shoot in the open area of the net.

3. Pucks in the box  BRENDON

Focus rapid accurate shooting

4. Two on none with an OFFSIDE !!! Players start at red line and skate to goal passing back and forth DAVID

5. Backward skating holding a large hoola hoop parallel to the ice  PHIRUN

Focus: Broad stance, strong c cuts

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