Modified practice plan for Sat Mar 16 due to shortage of instructors

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

MODIFIED  Practice outline for Sunday Mar 16  Bell arena 3-8

WE ARE REALLY SHORT INSTRUCTORS DUE TO THE BREAK ………………..Flexibility is the key here!

So assume 3 stations since we only have three instructors (David, Travis, Adam )  – 1 instructor per station????


MAIN Focus is puck handling leading to a shot on net.

WARM UP – Skate with pucks (shoot on nets optional)  (5 minutes)

ALL IN (can be expanded  since we are short instructors)  ( 20 minutes)

There and back twice

Transition forward to backward twice

1,2,3 STOP wave at parents once


#1 everyone gets a puck and goes to side boards – skate across ice – bounce off the opposite board and recross the ice and repeat.

Focus : heads up, predict the bounce and turn into it (so practice turning both ways)

#2 Line up at centre line and blue line and try to get the puck past the other line. Once it gets past the puck is dead – continues until  all pucks are shot past the line. Winning team will have the fewest number of pucks at their end

Focus: stick on ice, strong shot. pivoting,

#3 Stick hop players drop their sticks and then randomly skate around the rink hopping over every stick

Focus: heads up, pivoting, balance, acceleration to a spot on the ice

Ends with TORNADO SKATE at centre circle both ways

3 stations x 2 (4 minutes each = 30 minutes with transition):

Note # 3 may be removed based on number of instructors.

1. Two on none with goalie                                      TRAVIS

Focus: Strong passes and shoot into “open” part of the net

2. Hotdog Hamburger and Fries passing drill        DAVID

Focus: call for pass, strong pass, settling down the “puck”

4. One time shot to shot on open net with PVC Goalie         ADAM

Focus going to the puck, settling down , and shooting around PVC  goalie

Repeat stations with new content

1. Two on none with a wrap around using the goalie   OBSTACLE (new) is  in front of the net  TRAVIS

Focus: Control on trip around net, strong pass to a player who is ready to receive and shoot in the open area of the net.

2. Backward skating holding a large hoola hoop parallel to the ice- transition to pulling another player who is holding onto the hoola hoop  DAVID

Focus: Broad stance, strong c cuts

3. Crossing drill – pass. Players start in opposite corners (Actually up on the half wall) and cross in front of the net . Player with puck (always one side) passes to the approaching player who shoots on net. Since they will come from both sides every second shot they take will be a backhand.    ADAM

Focus: Head up. Good pass,  receive pass and take the shot as they cross in front of the net.

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