LAST practice on Saturday Mar 30 Bell 4-8 – I HATE TO SEE THE TIMBITS GO!

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Focus:  Games on skates  FUN AND DONE! – NO PUCKS

Warm up Skate :Very short

ALL IN  (10 + minutes)

–          Fast as you can

–          Hop every line

–          1 knee at every line

–          2 knees at every line

–          stop at every line

–          transition front to back at every line

–          tornado skate  both ways

–          centre ice for short talk about the season and a goodbye

Leave sticks in centre circle

We will rotate through 8 games over 35 minutes so 4  minutes per game

Divide into four groups and repeat  … so 5 – 8  per group?

# Game Equipment needed
1 Hockey Basketball Ball 2 basketball nets    8 balls                 No competition
2 Bowling for Timbits 4 Pilates balls and high pylons
3 Big ball   Net ball 2 Pilates balls    2 nets
4 Easter Egg Hunt Tennis balls + 8 mushroom pylons

Session 2

# Game Equipment needed
1 Fly ball 8 Balls
2 Big ball pylon push High pylons and 4  Pilates balls
3 Blob Soccer Tires + Soccer balls and two nets
4 Egg race  Plungers, porcupine  balls and pylons

GAME: Rabbit Freeze Tag with Safety Zones (3 minutes)


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