My thoughts on full ice games Friday Mar 29

Posted: March 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

We tried shorter time full ice games and I think everyone seemed to love the full ice. Lots of smiles in the parents and wet hair in the players!  I think it is clear that next year IP should perhaps have their last 5 or 6 games full ice but full time. This would really help our Timbits in their transition to Novice.

I think calling off sides helped teach the point but I am not convinced that it helped the game. I think next year IP should start teaching off sides a little sooner in the  practice format.

The lessons we learned will be applied to the upcoming tournament SUNDAY APRIL 14. at Walter baker A from 8- 5

The coaches will be meeting at my house Saturday April 6 to offer their ideas for that day.

From what I saw… I would like to play slightly longer games – the result being that teams would only play 3 times or perhaps only 2 times. This will take away from the excitement of the tournament atmosphere but may making the actual games a little better and less rushed.

I will send out the decision ASAP following the coach meeting. Feel free to share your insights with the parent reps.


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