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Last winter I ran a ball hockey tournament with the great guys at Ross Independent Grocers. We had lost of kids including two teams of IP playing. Everyone had a blast and apparently the folks at Kraft liked it so much that they presented  me a cheque for $1,000 for a hockey organization of my choice. Karen Russell generously allowed it to go to  Timbits IP2. So we  get $1,000 for the program. I have already bought some monster pylons and still have $850 to spend… ahhh money to buy hockey gear – my idea of a fun day. It is still June and I am already getting excited about Timbits. I have hired new instructors and said goodbye to some of last year’s ones. I will officially make that announcement when the hiring is complete. I know you will all enjoy seeing my new instructors working with your children.

On the money topic – the parents on the Canadiens were ridiculously generous and gave me $180 gift certificate to Hockey Life I bought 4 clip on target nets, two mini stick net sets ups (because we are going to play ministicks!!!!) +  a reaction ball and three “invisible pucks (white)…amazing how easy it is to spend $200. Thanks again to the parents for this and the other gifts I received . As most of you can guess working with Timbits is probably my absolutely favourite thing to do..- Hurry up 2013-2014 season.

I would like to  try a few different things next year and am posting the ideas before getting permission from Karen Russell.

1. General parent meeting before the season starts

2.Coach’s meeting in the early part of the season

3. Ministick event  + ball hockey tournament

4. Whole of IP to a hockey game ( Raiders, 67’s or SENS (Praise Alfie! or Black Hawks)

Andrew Allen of the Hawks has agreed to do something with the IP’s If you missed last year’s Timbits trying to score on an NHL goalie you missed a very very special moment. Thanks Andrew!!!

5. One social outing for the whole league

6. Timbits fun day sponsored by us

7. Hockey day in  Canada event (hopefully outside)

I am sure some of you are wondering why I didn’t post the “wrap up comment” I promised….Truth is every time I sat down to do it I was overwhelmed a little and didn’t want to think about saying goodbye to the amazing group of kids we had last year. I will post it honest and soon!