PRACTICE OUTLINE FOR IP2 Sept 21 11- 4 Merivale Arena

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This first practice is the first time we will see all our Timbits… some of the Timbits from the sorts last week will be there. The majority of the players will have been in IP1 last year. We have 11 on ice instructors in IP2 . They are all excited about working with the Timbits. Each session should have two teams of 20 players. So we are looking at a player to instructor ratio of around 4:1. This means we will have the opportunity to work with individual players but that requires us to evaluate the overall skill level of the group.
Message to the instructors:
We need to make a great first impression with both players and parents.
You blew me out of the water at the sorts – you were all so good – keep it up.
We need to engage all the players – use their names (stickers may need to be added if they don’t have them) joke with them – they are 5 and 6 year olds who will be some combination of excited and nervous about this first outing.
We need to evaluate all equipment but especially helmets (proper fit), sticks (length, knob), mouth guard, skates (sharpened, proper size etc).
We will need to see where their skating is so we can plan our practices.
It is critical that we NEVER have players standing around waiting to skate in a drill,
Your job is to help all skaters – which translates into you having to adjust your drills so everyone develops while doing it.
It is critical that you know not only what the drill involves but how that drill relates to a player learning to play hockey.
With these two in mind you can differentiate your station.
 Practice outline
Warm up – Skate with blue pucks with no shooting at the nets (This is our chance to see them skate with a puck)
ALL IN at centre ice to introduce instructors, review safety, organization – call to stop, water,  bathroom, injury etc
ALL IN one end – Divide teams they go as a team :
The idea is to find out their entry level of development so we can design practices as we move forward.
Some players will be really slow and some will fly through the drill – the range is what we need to see.
1. Skate to far end and wait
2. Skate to the far end balancing on one foot then the other.
3. Skate to far end and hop every line and wait
4. Skate to far end and drop to two knees at the ringette, blue, red, blue, ringette lines and wait
5. Skate to far end switching from foreward to backwards skating at every line
6. Skate to far end and stop at every line facing first right then left and wait
Divide each team in half  gives us 4 groups of 10 or less with two instructors.
(4 drills  = 5 minutes each station)
Station 1 Skating backwards with a backwards snow plow stop using hoola hoops
 (5 pairs can go at once since we will have 5 hoola hoops)
Station 2 Skate with ringette rings through the pylons
(5 lines no waiting!- I will have 10 ringette rings)
Station 3 Push the tire
(I will have 10 there so there will be no waiting)
Station 4 Skate in and shoot at the goalie –
( two nets so limited waiting! (PVC 3D goalie + milk crate goalie)
Wrap up game: Freeze tag first we get them, then they get us.
Remember when “avoiding skaters”  there is a safety concern and a need for them to have some hope of catching you. The challenge is to make it hard but exciting and fun and ….. sometimes successful.
We will NOT clean the ice between sessions 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 this will gain us five minutes per team. The last pair of teams will not have extra time but this will rotate. At the end of the year skipping two cleans will result in every team having almost 2 hours of extra ice time.
Tunnel up At the end of the practice we all tunnel up at the gate and say goodbye.

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