Great start to the IP season!

Posted: September 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Today was our first official IP1 and IP2 practice.

1P1 first four hours 7 – 11 went well. Orange buckets are amazing I will definitely  buy more… for sure! They not only helped skaters learn to develop power but allowed all skaters to participate. The IP1 instructors did a good job – it is always hard when a new head instructor is on ice and does things in a different way. The expectation is that instructors will interact with the players and create an atmosphere where everyone will be happy. Learn through play has an attitude component.  This is the way that IP1 will look this year… and I think the Timbits will improve in leaps and bounds. Just wait until you see the other toys.

IP2 next 5 hours 11- 4 This was the first time my rookie Ip instructors were all together with the more experienced ones. I am totally pleased with them. They clearly cared about the Timbits and were all pleased with the day. Players are lucky to have them..kudos to rookies Matt, Josiah, Dylan and Leo and to the veterans Adam, Derek, Travis and  Matt. Special thanks to all of them for hauling all that gear out to the van!

Tomorrow 7 – 9 am at Nepean Sportsplex 1 (the big rink) I will be doing a part practice /  part instructor instruction sessions. Any players who want to come out are welcome to attend. Any dads (or moms) who are NMHA coaches can also come on ice with helmets, gloves and sticks.

I survived 9 hours on ice an still have a smile on my face – that will last until the end of the season. It was great to see both IP1 and IP2 – nice to see a connection begin to develop between them. It will be a great year if the start is any indication. 




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