PRACTICE OUTLINE FOR IP2 Teams 9 – 18 Saturday Sept 28

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Practice outline Saturday Sept 28 Bell 3- 8

Based on the first practice there are some obvious areas to begin to work on:

  1. Overall stability when skating and especially when changing direction
  2. Handling the puck
  3. Stopping
  4. Balance
  5. Backward skating
  6. A few of our skaters are still learning – they need some extra time to work on skating

Equipment needs:

20 bike tires

20 ringette rings

Blue pucks

4 sets of hotdog, hamburger and fries


Warm up skate with pucks (5 – 10 minutes) –Bike tires  (20) in the neutral zone. Encourage kids to try to “deke” around them.


Wave drills will be shorter ( 10 minutes):so we can work on our stations

  1. Fall and get back up at every line
  2. Stop with one foot at every line
  3. Skate as fast as you can to the end and back
  4. Skate as fast as you can pushing the puck with one hand


NOTE: We will not use a rotation method for our stations like we did last week.

Each team goes to their own end and be divided into two groups in the circles for the first 7 stations (NO ROTATION). Time span no more than 5 minutes per station for a total of 35 minutes

Four instructors per team – Two instructors per circle group.

The group stays together for the first 6 stations inside the blue line.

 Each group will have a circle and half the ice.

  1. SHARK SKATE – sharks can’t ever stop swimming.

Random skate in both circles INSIDE the circle (No contact allowed)

 Vocab:   “Head up, Skate in all directions. Don’t stop.  Stay inside the circle. Don’t bump into anyone.  Use the whole circle not just the outside.”


Skaters skate around their circle INSIDE the circle SLOWLY in one direction exaggerating the leg over and then repeat in the other direction.

Vocab: “Slow down ! Cross your leg over in front of the other. Stick toward the centre”


Players arrange themselves around the circle and stick handle a puck back and forth across the faceoff circle line.

Vocab:” Keep your head up, your feet shoulder width a part  and relaxed. Cushion the puck by moving your stick back and tilting it a little to receive the puck. Leave your lower hand loose and turn the stick with your upper hand.”


Players make and call out for the pass

Vocab: “Pass to the person who asked for it.  Look at where you want to pass. Keep your head up. “ 


Introduce ringette rings (half of the number of players) keep away / steal from other players by lifting the stick

Vocab: “Keep skating. Lift the stick. Protect the ring with your body. Keep pushing down on your stick.”


Players arrange themselves around the boards and shoot forehand and backhand shots

Vocab “Keep your feet shoulder width apart and your knees bent. Keep your feet sideways to the boards. Control the puck” 

7.       HOP

Players place their sticks on the ice in a random pattern in their 1/4 of the end of the rink and randomly skate – stepping over every stick.

Vocab: “Lift your feet. Keep your head up. Don’t bump into anyone.  There is no order.”     

 IMPORTANT: When finished players put their sticks in the net. I want to check all of them for safety issues.


Teams stay on their own half and do two person Blob races  (may need 3 to a bike tire

– NO instructors in the blobs – this is a safety reason – Instructor launching player never ends well!!)

When finished players go to the net and pick up their sticks.

Tunnel Up and say goodbye


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