IP1 Practice outline for Saturday Sept 28 Merivale 10 – 2 for teams 1-8

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Our first official practice after the initial introductory sort went well last week. I will be helping the IP1 instructors develop their practice for the next short while. This means that I need to leave Merivale at 2 and travel to Bell for the IP2 practices from 3-8.

Based on what I saw first week in IP1:

Based on the first practice there are a few “givens”

  1. Instructors did a good job with a new face (me)  in charge. They still need to more actively engage players but they showed great patience and even better instincts..
  2. We need more than 5 “beginning skater” set ups. We will probably be more successful if we pull these skaters aside and get them more comfortable on skates. Orange buckets worked very well.
  3. Overall skating is actually pretty good and I think we need to try to push the players. The IP1 Phase 1 guidelines (first half ) of our practices focus on:
  • Stance (bent knees head up, weight off sticFalling down and getting up
  • Balance while stepping in all directions
  • T push start
  • Glide / hop with balance – both feet
  • Power stride
  • Edge control – turn
  • Edge control –  one foot stop
  • Stationary stick handling
  • Sweep shot with  forehand and backhand
  • Passing while stationary

Other observations

  1. The number of crying players was less than I expected
  2. Stopping and backwards skating is weak for almost everyone. This is to be expected.
  3. Sticks still need some attention – knobs and length
  4. Some skaters do not have labels on their helmets yet
  5. Parents need to be reminded of the contents of the trainer kit – extra equipment, mouth guards laces, helmet repair.Some players are wearing poorly fitting equipment – like pants that touch their skates! These need to be addressed.

 Practice plan IP1

Warm up:   Skate with balls (10 minutes)

ALL IN one end (10 minutes)

Fast as you can to the other end and back

Fall and get up at every line to the other end and back

Push and glide on one foot (other foot coming back)

Hop every line to the other end and back

Beginning skaters together for the whole time to work on finding their edges

6 Stations ( 5 minutes per station):

Hoola hoop relay                                       (balance)

Fetch  balls with plungers                       (balance and over all skating)

Push the tire                                               (stance – power push not shuffle)

Skate through pylons                               (balance, edge control)

Stick handling in place                             (stick handling with puck)

Backwards skating with hoola hoops  (balance, c cuts , backward skating)

Game: (5 minutes)

Follow the leader (Simon says) in the four face off circles


Equipment needed:

Blue pucks

Balls and plungers

Hoola hoops




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