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Practice outline IP1 Saturday Nov 2 Bell Arena  3-7

Focus:  Forward skating – power stance with edges dug in, balance, turning , receiving a pass, shooting on net

Equipment required:

10 hotdogs

Bike tires

Blue pucks

Tennis balls

Orange buckets     ( Additional ones  will arrive about 20 minutes late for the first session)

Two basketball nets (Arrive at 3:25)

6 basketballs       (Arrive at 3:25)

WARM UP: (Need four nets) Each team to their own end inside the blue lines.

Hotdog hockey four hotdogs per game (no more than 5 minutes)

Orange buckets in the centre ice area – evaluate whether or not they truly need the buckets

ALL IN SKATING DRILLS: (under 10 minutes)

Both teams on the same icing line, orange buckets in the middle in the crease area

Skate as fast as you can to the other end there and back

Fall down on the blue lines there and back

Skate as fast as you can to the other end there and back

FOUR TEAM SKATING DRILLS in the faceoff circles at both ends (15 minutes)

Both teams will go to their own end on icing line  – then to the faceoff circles.

Note: Orange buckets go to the in the middle of the ice and run their own program across the ice.  There has been a huge improvement so far – the goal is to make this our last practice with orange buckets in the middle. Try to stay near the centre red line since drills will be running down both blue lines.

These four drills are not the most “stimulating” but they can be fun if you add some excitement and don’t overdo them. They each practice an important early skating skill. HAVE SOME FUN WITH THEM!  

A)      Circle “march” lifting both feet – just like the army

Vocab: “Lift your feet as high as you can “right… left… right… left…” ONE CIRCLE ONLY

B)      Circle sideways step and slide around the outside of the circle in both directions.

Players take one step to the right and slide their left foot towards it until it is beside their right foot

Vocab: “Take a step to the right now bring your other foot over until it is beside the other one. Step and slide , step and slide. Now let’s go in the opposite direction.” ONE CIRCLE ONLY

C)      Circle push skate with the outside foot pushing and the inside skate on the faceoff circle.

Vocab: “Spread out – keep your inside skate on the line and use your outside skate to push yourself around the circle…Reverse and push with your other foot” ONE CIRCLE ONLY PER DIRECTION

D)     Circle skate around the outside of  the circles – Reverse so they go in both directions (NO figure eights)

Vocab: “Stay outside the circle, Don’t bump into anyone, Try to cross one foot over the other”



SKILL DRILLS (divide the team in 1/3 so 5 or 6 players per station ROTATE

A)      Take a pass from an instructor and take a shot on empty net


Players need to be skating when they receive the pass. It is important that they don’t stop to receive the pass or to shoot.(use one net centred on the face off circle)

B)      Pushing an orange bucket (single) through a bike tire slalom course

Players need to get down on their skates” so they are in a  power push position. This drill is the beginning of getting them to move their upper body through a turn

(Use the area along the blue line)

C)      Basketball 3 balls per team using a mobile net


Players are supposed to transfer weight from skate to skate as they twist and turn in order to get to the moving basket. The final dunking (NOT SHOOTING) of the basketball will result in a loose ball which another player can recover so the process is continuous.

(Use the area in the other faceoff circle)

WRAP UP GAME: Four net hockey with tennis balls  

Players can score on any net

Four nets pushed to the centre with one on each blue line facing into the centre and the other two on the red line facing into the centre



IP2 has a set of goalie gear in a bag for each of the 10 teams and 4 goalie sticks that are shared. Our cross ice mini games start DECEMBER 18 . The schedule is now posted on the NMHA website. Every game night 4 teams will be on the ice at once. Every game we will have a goalie in nets wearing full gear for each team. Getting the goalie gear on takes some time so the parent of the goalie or some other designated parent will need to assist them in getting dressed. At the end of the game the gear will be taken away by either the parents of whomever is planning on being a  goalie in the next game or the parent rep.The goalie stick is not taken home since it will be used in the next hour’s game. The practice before the game the player who will be playing goalie will practice with our goalie coach Travis. Some weeks there are two games so this is not a perfect system. Often only a few players will want to be a goalie so it tends to work out. There are many ways for team parent reps to choose a goalie. Making a list of games and assigning players who want to play is probably the best way.The hope is that every player who wants to try being a goalie will get a chance. It is NOT  a good idea to choose one player for the whole year. There will be no Vezina trophy for the top goalie. Goalies need to be superior skaters and that is best done without goalie pads at the beginning.Our first goalie practice will be Saturday Dec 7. Every team needs to arrange who will be their goalie  before that practice.  

Practice Outline IP2 Saturday November 2  Merivale Arena 10 – 3

Focus areas: Power in forward skating, puck control, passing, shooting

Equipment needed: 

4 nets,20 balls,Blue pucks,6 Orange buckets,4 martial arts belts,12 Large pylons,10 Bike tires,6 Ringette rings

WARM UP SKATE:  Need 4 nets

Mini game across the ice with balls 10 per end ( Half of each team at each end)

ALL IN:  One end (Much shorter than normally)

Skate as fast as you can to one end and back

Stop at every line and wave at the stands

Fall down at blue lines there and back

6 SKILL STATIONS (each team to their end – DIVIDE IN THREE meaning 5 or 6 players per station)


2 nets – instructors deliver pass about 6 feet in front of the net. The idea is to get them to skate to a point on the ice and shoot while maintaining their balance. This is a rapid pace drill so no one waits in line. This will be hard for many players. Shots do NOT need to be slap shots and they may end up being backhand shots if the player does not get to the puck early enough.

Vocab: “Two hands on your stick, Keep your stick on the ice, Skate to the puck and shoot, Shoot hard. When you shoot go to the other line”

 2. BUCKET PUSH THROUGH TIRE COURSE  – Set up across the ice between the blue line and the ringette line

Players push an orange bucket through the tire slalom course. The idea is to force players DOWN into a power push stance as well as to work on inside edge control, coupled with bringing the body around a turn by using their upper body.

Vocab:  “Get low and skate hard, Push the bucket around the tires, Skate as fast as you can”


Players pull their partner using the martial arts belt across the ice between the blue line and the red line

Vocab: “Stay low, bend your knees, Dig your edges in, Pull hard”

Other end


The idea is to practice making a pass and then SKATING FORWARD to receive a pass.

Vocab: Two hands on your stick, Keep your stick on the ice. Shoot where the goalie isn’t”



Idea is to have players move along the boards going in and out of the pylon course which is about 4 feet from the boards. This is the first step towards “making a move” on the boards – cutting inside or outside a defender who is away from the boards. The boards prevent turns from being too wide on one side. Reversing the direction will help players deke to the other side.  

Vocab: “Keep your head up and move in and out of the pylons, When done wait in the face off circle, Don’t bump into the boards, Try to deke the pylon as if it was a player”

6. PARTNER PASSING (pylons half way between the blue line and red line leave room at one board for the ringette drill)

Idea is to have pairs of players pass to each other with a LARGE pylon between them representing an opposing player. This will be very hard for most players. The passes do not have to be long or that hard – accuracy and passing to a player “in the open” is the idea

VOCAB: “Pass the puck to your partner, Keep your stick on the ice, Don’t let the pylon get in your way. You need to move so your partner has someone to pass to.”

WRAP UP GAME: If time we will play FREEZE TAG


The present meets the future

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The present meets the future

#4 – better reserve a spot on the roster for the 2028 Raiders!

Timbits the real stars at the Junior A Raiders game


Timbits score big at the Raiders Junior A game Sunday Oct 27

Welcome to your first hockey game

IP1 Practice Outline Saturday Oct 26 10 – 2 Merivale Arena

Need four nets – two each end

Focus areas:

  1. Getting all orange buckets to skate on their own.
  2. Skating forwards: 

               Initial start and three quick chop steps


               Lengthening the stride

               Turning right and left by pushing out on the opposite foot                                

     3. Stopping

     4. Skating with a puck

      5. Receiving a pass while skating


WARM UP SKATE: less than 10 minutes

Skate with pucks around full ice

VOCAB: “Keep the puck on your stick, Don’t shoot the puck, Keep your head up, Make sure you don’t bump into anyone”


ALL IN: 10 minutes – one end without pucks – orange buckets in middle between the teams

(Orange buckets go half way in all drills)

Fast as you can to the far end there and back

Lift foot at every line there and back

Hop every line there and back

Fall down and get up at every line


SKILL SESSION 1: 10 minutes

Divide by team = both teams do the same thing at the same time

1. Circle skate using 2 circles at each end

Players skate one direction then stop and switch direction

 Vocab: “Try to cross your foot over, Skate as fast as you can.”

2. Partner race

Players pair up (one on blue and one on ringette line)

They then tap their stick three times (tap, tap, tap GO) and race to the other line trying to beat their partner.

Vocab: “ Get ready to push off and skate as fast as you can to the other line.This is a race try to beat your partner.”


SKILL SESSION 2: 15+ minutes (SPLIT each team in three (5-6 players). These drills are done three at a time by each team at their own end and requires them to rotate through the three areas. The orange buckets will be between the blue lines.

  1. Stopping

Start with scraping the ice and move to slow plow then sideways stop both sides

Vocab: “ Use your inner edge to scrape the top surface of the ice, Try it with the other foot, try to stop using both feet , Try stopping with one foot

2. Skating SLOWLY through a straight line pylon course

Emphasis is on one push between the pylons.

Vocab: “ This is not a race – skate slowly, Push only once between the pylons”

3. Receiving a pass, skating in and taking a shot on the net (2 nets available so no long lines!!)

Vocab: “ Stick on ice, Cushion the pass, Go in on net and shoot hard, Go back the end of the line.”

WRAP UP GAME:  5- 6 minutes

Mini game with two pucks. Played across the ice inside the blue lines.