IP1 Practice outline Saturday Oct 5 Bell arena 3- 7 pm

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IP1 Practice outline Saturday Oct 5 Bell 3 – 7

We have now seen almost all the IP1’s three times so by now we should have a good idea of where to go in our practices, “Non skaters” are doing MUCH better – those orange pails have really helped. I made a PVC trainer that I want to try as well. Hopefully it will allow them to get more power and a longer stride. I think we need to keep the new skaters together for one more week of special attention.

Equipment needs: Blue pucks for everyone, orange pails, 4 soccer balls, 14 bike tires, 5 motorcycle tires




Warm up skate with blue pucks  (Less than 10 minutes)

      Note : Players cannot go past the blue line in their end.

During this time any players who still want to use the orange pails go to centre of the ice and can work with instructors in this area between the blue lines  

Instructors should not touch a puck during this section of the practice.

They should be skating around and giving advice and encouragement to the players.

Vocab: Keep the puck on your stick, keep your head up, don’t shoot the puck, don’t bump into anyone”

ALL IN both teams one end ( about 10 minutes)

Go as a team:

Fast as you can to one end and back

Skate slowly between the icing line and blue line then fast from blue line  to blue line then slow to end and then return

Fall to two knees at blue lines there and back

Each team then returns to their own end (one will already be at one end so only one team will need to move)

“Follow the leader” (under 10 minutes) is a balance and following instructions game.

We will need 4 instructors per end.

Players line up on the ringette line facing the net at each end

Four instructors per end  will eventually be giving instructions : one at the net, one at centre ice, one on the boards and two who are at both ends of the ringette line in each end.

“Net instructor” give first instruction: “Take one step forward” and then a second instruction like  “Turn around and face backwards” (now players are facing the instructor at centre ice). That instructor now gives an instruction  “Turn to your left” – meaning all players are facing another one of the instructors at the boards who gives one or two  commands and then gets them to turn to another instructor and so on. The idea is to have fun with them and to encourage the instructors to engage the players. A possible list of instructions is:

Hop up and down

Put your hands on your hips

Put your hands in the air

Put your stick to the front

Drop your stick and pick it up


Bow from the waist

Stand on one foot then the other

Slide step to the one side or the other

Turn around

Take one giant step forward

Take one step back


Divide each team in half to form two groups (total four groups) – two at each end of the rink.

Each group will have two instructors who will stay with them during the rotation between the four activities. This should reduce the confusion as players move to the next station. Each drill should last about 5 minutes

Station 1 :  Sockey

Place the hockey nets on the edge of the face off circles and use 4 balls to play “soccer hockey”  across the ice. Stay inside the blue line.

Station 2 :  Follow Mother Duck game

Lay out two slalom courses each with 6 bike tires each between the blue and red line skating across the ice. Form two lines and have players follow the instructor through the course.

Vocab: Instructors need to give constant instructions on what they are doing… “Follow me and do what I do – Look – I am stepping over, leaning in , digging in my edge etc  – you need to try to copy what I do.

 “Skate hard, let me hear you dig your edge in, lean into the turn”

Station 3 : Push the tire across the ice using two hands on the stick

We will have 5 lines( tires) so players will skate beside a partner and then push the tire back. The idea is to maintain intensity and a rapid start.

Vocab: “Push hard, two hands on your stick, keep your head up”

Station 4: Introduction to forehand and backhand shooting and puck control and bounce passes

Using a sweep shot (both forehand and backhand) to bounce the puck off the boards and recover it. This is the opportunity to talk about hand and foot placement, balance etc  Shots should not be too hard or players will spend all their time chasing a puck. This is a drill where even beginning skaters can be active participants.

Vocab: “Make sure your feet are spread apart, try to guess where the puck is going to go, shoot the puck using both a forehand and a backhand shot, put your top hand at the very end of your stick and the lower hand about half way down.”


If there is time (and I doubt it) we will play a short game of Freeze Tag before tunneling up and saying goodbye.



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