Posted: October 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Every week there seems to be some item of gear left in the arena.

Last year I left any forgotten gear in the arena and hoped that parents would return to retrieve it from the rink staff. That did not prove very successful so I am suggesting a different approach. If gear is left behind instructors will take it and I will place a description on the blog. In that way parents can arrange to get it if it is required. Last week one black stick was left at Merivale (IP1)  and a white one  (IP2)  at Bell. I will bring them with me on Saturday. ONE THING THAT WOULD REALLY HELP IS IF PARENTS PUT NAMES AND TELEPHONE #S ON GEAR!

I almost always bring a set of extra gear with me in the trainer kit: helmet, gloves, neck guard, elbow pads,. These are loaners that are to be returned after the practice . 


Players can not go on ice without neck guards and mouth guards . This is a safety issue. I have purchased new mouth guards which are also in the Trainer kit along with helmet repair items and laces.The expectation is that parents will purchase mouth guards ($10) if their child has lost theirs.

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