In praise of orange buckets

Posted: October 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

The “bucket bunch” as I call them are doing so much better. I hope that the buckets will be gone in a few more weeks.

I will have more instructors working with them for the next two weeks to try to speed this process along. The truth of the matter is that learning to skate is learning to deal with the feeling of instability that happens when your weight stops being right over your feet. This is why we do so many things (hopping over lines, standing on one foot,  turning through pylons, skating in a crowd  )that cause skaters to feel “out of balance”. In later years skaters will use this momentary instability and the weight transfer required to deal with it to make rapid changes of direction.For now we need to focus on moving from the totally stable shuffle to the unstable but essential power push. This will come. Players learn at their own speed. Players need to feel safe and confident before they will try new things. This is the reason why Timbits is “learn through play”. When playing a game players will try to do things they would never attempt in a more formal hockey situation. Orange buckets are a great confidence booster but they make some aspects of hockey very difficult to teach so their time is limited. Seems sort of obvious but the  best way for new skaters to learn to skate is to skate. Please make sure they make it to every practice. If for some reason you can not make a practice at your assigned time due to a party or some other event then come to another time slot. This is a fairly rare situation so I am not worried about having a flood at one practice time. Tell them you are proud that they are trying. Public and family skating is available at every rink in the city. Go to the city website for a list of options. PLEASE MAKE SURE  your Timbits wear a helmet, elbow pads and gloves when they skate. Asking them to wear a mouth guard may seem “over the top” but two things are true. Several small head impacts can add up and cause significant problems and players need to get used to skating and breathing with a mouth guard in – It is a penalty to not have it in from Novice on. I would never go skating without a helmet. NO EXCEPTIONS.


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