Practice outline IP1 Saturday Oct 12 Merivale 10 – 2

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Focus areas:

Continuing to work with our beginner skaters VERY PLEASED WITH HOW MUCH THEY HAVE IMPROVED. I do not want them to miss out on game activities so we will try to get them as involved as possible.

Skills to focus on: Stopping, Balance and agility, Skating with a puck, Shooting the puck

Introducing some more – “learn through playing games”


WARM UP SKATE (under 10 minutes)

(Need 4 nets, 4 large pylons for the goals in the centre ice area, 10 hotdogs, 2 soccer balls)

 Beginning skaters to the centre ice area with 4 instructors to play Bucket Soccer with pylons as goals.

 Rest of the players warm up BY TEAM in their own end by playing a mini game with hotdogs across ice inside the blue line (5 hotdogs per game)  2 instructors per game

 NOTE: NO “ALL IN” at one end of the ice today – activities will be done as teams


Teams come to their blue lines players  spread out along the line and face the centre dot  and will put their sticks behind them, those on buckets will move to the boards. (Instructors will collect sticks from non bucket players and check them for knobs on the end). These will be used in the third group activity.

 FOLLOW THE LEADER (where an instructor will call out instructions to both teams)

Commands: Stand on one foot, touch your head, hands on hips, hands on your head,  hop up and down, wiggle, spin around, bark like a dog, flap your wings, wiggle like a snake , take one step forward, take one step to the side, take one step back, fall down and get up  etc


Player start on the blue line and follow the commands” red light (STOP)  green light (GO)” given with a prop as well as called out.- until they reach the icing line.  Repeat two times .

Vocab:  “ Pay attention, don’t cheat, keep your head up, only go when you are told to, stop right away”


Instructors will spread the player’s sticks around their end of the ice and on command the players will skate stepping over every stick.

Vocab: “Step over one foot at a time, there is no path you need to follow, step over every stick, get up if you fall down etc.”


SKILL DRILLS (Teams stay in their own end – divide in half = 8 – 10 players per activity)

 A)      SKATING WITH RINGETTE RINGS THROUGH A PYLON (bike tire) COURSE (Between blue line and red line)

Tires are put in a straight line about 3 feet apart. The goal is to try to have them push with one foot to get by the tire. The intent is to try to lengthen their stride as we work on balance and moving the ring from side to side.

Vocab: “Keep your head up, push hard, take one step between the tires etc ”


 B)      THEY SHOOT THEY SCORE (2 nets = 4 players per net)  played from the Blue line to icing line)

Players are given a pile of pucks and skate in on the nets all at once and shoot the pucks trying to hit the 6 pylons along the goal line until they are all knocked down. Then they are reset and the game begins again.

Vocab: “Shoot hard, hit the pylon, try  a backhand etc ”

 WRAP UP GAME – Freeze Tag (If enough time)




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