Practice outline IP2 Saturday Oct 12 Bell Arena 3- 8

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Blue pucks

20 Dog balls

5 Rope circles

5 Resistance  belts

4 Basketballs for sockey

Focus areas : Agility and balance ,Stopping,  receiving a pass, skating with the puck, Shooting, Power skating


 4 nets needed for today

I want to identify the top 6 skaters on every team. Instructors will be asked at the end of the practice for numbers from their team. These will be identified with yellow tape on their stick blades. This is so that when we have mini games the lines will oppose lines of players on the opposing team who are about at the same level of development.


Warm up by team in their own end  (under  10 minutes)

5 instructors to each end who will stay with their team) for the rest of the practice.

Mini game across the ice using 10 dog balls per game.

Players can not cross the blue line.

ALL IN (each end – along the side boards from red line to ringette line) 15 minutes

IMMEDIATELY TAKE STICKS – check for safety

  1. Simon says – Instructor gives 10 commands stand on one foot, wiggle, bow etc
  2. Fast as you can across the ice stop at boards without touching them SAFETY ISSUE – STRESS CONTROLLED STOP – DO NOT HIT THE BOARDS AND AVOID COLLISIONS – TAKE SOME TIME TO TALK ABOUT THE CORRECT WAY TO HIT THE BOARDS BECAUSE THAT CAN HAPPEN: “If up = be big and spread out, If down = be small”   There and back twice (4 crossings) Vocab: “ Keep your head up, skate hard, avoid bumping into other players , don’t crash into the boards”
  3. Pivoting right and left    Players start 10 feet from the boards and skate towards it – pivoting to avoid the boards. Turn both ways. This is an important skill to avoid collisions with the boards and later to pivot away from a check.

Note  – Now sticks are arranged randomly on one end of the ice by instructors

    4. Hop over every stick – no pattern and end on opposite side. Do this twice.


SKILL DRILLS  (6 minutes each) Rotation Do both at one end then come to opposite end.

    1.    Shoot on net with PVC goalie ( 2 set ups)

Players start in opposite corners skate around the circle and pick up puck from instructor go in to shoot then go to the other corner.

Vocab: “Keep your head up, stick on ice, be gentle with the pass, shoot at the holes.”

2.       Power skating

Players tow a partner using the cloth belt across the ice. Partner can offer resistance by turning their leading foot “a little” and must hang on to the knots at the end of the belt.

Vocab: “pull hard, don’t let go, dig your edges in, keep skating, slow down at the boards

3.       Rope pull (learning to dig in an edge) and stopping both ways

Players pair up and pull against each other by holding the rope loop with one hand (then the other) with their inner skate blade dug in. Transition to stop both ways. Skating from blue to red and back. Vocab:” Dig your edge in hard, pull together, stop by digging in an edge . use both feet”

4.      Sockey

Arrange player into two teams , sticks on top of the nets.– net on face off buttons.  Soccer with 4 balls.

Vocab:” Only use your feet, try kicking with both feet “

Closing game – TAG Every Instructor before you go

 (This will need to be quick since there will be very little tim

Tunnel up and say goodbye Pictures next week!

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