Practice Outline for IP2 Saturday Oct 19 Merivale 10 – 3

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Practice Outline for IP2 Saturday Oct 19 Merivale 10 – 3

Equipment needed:

2 PVC goalies

Tall pylons

5 Hoola hoops

Blue pucks

Ringette rings

Dog balls

Focus areas: Skating with a puck, Shooting (forehand and backhand), Receiving a pass,  

WARM UP skate with pucks HALF ICE by team (much shorter time than normal 10 minutes)

ALL IN with pucks on side board by team – stay on your half. (15 minutes)

Skate across the ice pushing the puck on the stick STOP at boards and come back.

Vocab:” Keep the puck on your stick – be careful – slow down when you reach the boards”

Skate across the ice and lightly bounce puck off the boards, recover puck and return (repeat 3 times back and forth)

Vocab:   “Keep your head up. Watch the puck, Do not bump into anyone”

Three strides and stop … continue to far side and stop. Return  

Vocab: “Push hard one… two… three… stop, Keep control of your puck.”

Go to face off circles and skate around the outside with the puck (STOP and do both directions)

Vocab: “Keep the puck on your stick, Do not bump into anyone”

SKILL AREAS: (6 minutes each = 25 minutes)

Divide team in half

One end:

 PVC GOALIES – 2 nets

Take a pass from an instructor (on forehand one net) and shoot on goalie. Players do not need to switch line after every shot. You could have two players go almost at once to increase reps.

       Vocab:  “Keep your stick on the ice, Keep your head up, Shoot where the goalies isn’t”

STICK HANDLE RINGETTE RINGS through the TALL Pylons in a straight line  across ice between blue and red lines

Vocab: “Don’t lose the ring, dig your edges in, skate as hard as you can”

Other end:


Players line up at the blue line come down the boards across the face of the net where three pucks are laid out about 4 feet in front of the net. They take three shots without stopping or turning their body then switch lines. Depending on the way they shoot they will shoot a forehand on one net and a backhand on the other.

Vocab: “Turn your body so you are ready to shoot, Slow down and get all three pucks in the net”


Players pair up and use Hoola hoops to practice skating backwards

Vocab: “Bend your knees, C cuts, try to go as fast as you can. Help your partner””


WRAP UP GAME:  FOUR NET HOCKEY in the centre ice area with balls – instructors as goalies


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