In praise of Timbit parents

Posted: October 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

This Saturday was picture day at Bell Arena for IP1 and I have to tell you how much fun it was to watch the parents of our Timbits. They were all so proud of their kids as they combed their hair and got them lined up for their pictures. This year’s edition of Timbits  are so cute and engaging. Our Timbits gain so much confidence from their parents. It is for that reason that we often leave the door open and encourage parents to come closer by sitting on the player bench. This is a bit of an opportunity for problems. Players need to focus on what their instructors say and are asking them to try and not on their parents. It is hard for almost all kids to leave their parents at 4 or 5. It is important that parents keep instructors in the loop as far as the feelings of our players. Two incidents in the last two weeks emphasized the importance of this parental role. One involved a young player being afraid of my loud voice used on ice and the second involved a crying player who was asked to leave the ice. In both cases, additional information from the parents was critical in developing a better way to approach the child. Imagine if we continued without knowing that information. Parents without exception have been great in their support of the on ice instructors. They know their Timbits far better than the instructors. If you have any ideas on how to provide a better experience for the players NEVER hesitate to let the Head Instructor know.

Sometimes I don’t think people realize just how hard it can be for a beginning skater to watch everyone around you flying by when you are trying as hard as you can. It is really easy for players to get discouraged. They need all of us to support their efforts. The truth is that skating involves fairly precise technique and very small changes can reap huge rewards. Everyone can learn to skate but their are some terrifying moments until to find the pivot point on your skates. I am impressed with how far the orange buckets have come. ALL the Timbits will get much better as the year progresses. We are only 5 practices into a program that lasts until April. I can hardly wait to see where they are at graduation.


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