Practice Outline IP2 Saturday October 26 Bell Arena 3-8

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Practice outline IP2 Saturday Oct 26 Bell 3- 8

Today is picture day so players on one team may arrive a little late for practice

Tomorrow is the Raider’s game where hopefully a large number of parents will come with our Timbits to watch the game. Between the second and third period we will have a mini game (IP1 at one end and IP2 at the other using pylons as the nets). The teams will select one player per team to take part in the mini game. I will need two instructors to run the games.

Focus areas: Skating forward with a puck, Pivoting forwards to backwards, Skating backwards with a puck, Stopping, Receiving and making a pass and going in to shoot on a net.

WARM UP SKATE – Full ice with pucks – both teams together (Instructors try to engage players by passing to them or calling for a pass) (well under 10 minutes)

ALL IN  (5 minutes)

As fast as you can to the other end and back

Hop over every line to the other end and back

Turn from forward to backward to forward at every line to one end and back

Fast as you can to the other end and back


1/ Race from blue line to icing line… full stop and back to blue line… full stop repeat two times

Players need to always face the stands – so they stop on both sides.

2/ Figure eight drill around two pylons start at blue line other pylon on ringette line

NOTE : We need 2 pylons per player or 70 for the practice!

TEAMS TO OPPOSITE ENDS (Do both then switch to other end) (4 @ 7 minutes) Instructors rotate with their team

One end:

Station 1 Basketball with nets on the face off dots

Players skate to the basketball net and try to dunk the ball – instructors pivot back and forth to force players to pivot

Vocab: “Put your sticks away, Keep your head up, Don’t bump into anyone, Try to score as many baskets as you can, Once you score go to the other net, You will need to chase the basket since I will move it back and forth.”


Station 2 Blue line to Red line Stopping with one foot

Start with pushing both sides, then tug rope – then shuffle back and forth stopping both ways

Vocab: “Dig your foot in, scrape the top layer off the ice, make sure you stop using both your right and left foot, Try to cross over your foot when you go the other way (not likely)”

Other end:

Station 3 Backward skating with a puck between the blue line and red line across the ice

Players skate backwards dragging a puck with them.

Vocab: “ Keep your head up, Keep the puck on your stick, Let me hear your skates, Try a “C” cut with one leg at a time.”

Station 4 Make and receive a pass and go in on net for a shot. TWO NETS AT ONE END

Players start with the puck on their stick – pass to the instructor who passes back to them and then they shoot on the PVC goalie (no stick on the goalie)

Vocab: “Pass the puck to me now skate to the net ..shoot where the goalie isn’t 

Tunnel up and say goodbye until tomorrow’s Raiders game/

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