IP1 Practice outline Saturday Oct 26, Merivale 10 – 2

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IP1 Practice Outline Saturday Oct 26 10 – 2 Merivale Arena

Need four nets – two each end

Focus areas:

  1. Getting all orange buckets to skate on their own.
  2. Skating forwards: 

               Initial start and three quick chop steps


               Lengthening the stride

               Turning right and left by pushing out on the opposite foot                                

     3. Stopping

     4. Skating with a puck

      5. Receiving a pass while skating


WARM UP SKATE: less than 10 minutes

Skate with pucks around full ice

VOCAB: “Keep the puck on your stick, Don’t shoot the puck, Keep your head up, Make sure you don’t bump into anyone”


ALL IN: 10 minutes – one end without pucks – orange buckets in middle between the teams

(Orange buckets go half way in all drills)

Fast as you can to the far end there and back

Lift foot at every line there and back

Hop every line there and back

Fall down and get up at every line


SKILL SESSION 1: 10 minutes

Divide by team = both teams do the same thing at the same time

1. Circle skate using 2 circles at each end

Players skate one direction then stop and switch direction

 Vocab: “Try to cross your foot over, Skate as fast as you can.”

2. Partner race

Players pair up (one on blue and one on ringette line)

They then tap their stick three times (tap, tap, tap GO) and race to the other line trying to beat their partner.

Vocab: “ Get ready to push off and skate as fast as you can to the other line.This is a race try to beat your partner.”


SKILL SESSION 2: 15+ minutes (SPLIT each team in three (5-6 players). These drills are done three at a time by each team at their own end and requires them to rotate through the three areas. The orange buckets will be between the blue lines.

  1. Stopping

Start with scraping the ice and move to slow plow then sideways stop both sides

Vocab: “ Use your inner edge to scrape the top surface of the ice, Try it with the other foot, try to stop using both feet , Try stopping with one foot

2. Skating SLOWLY through a straight line pylon course

Emphasis is on one push between the pylons.

Vocab: “ This is not a race – skate slowly, Push only once between the pylons”

3. Receiving a pass, skating in and taking a shot on the net (2 nets available so no long lines!!)

Vocab: “ Stick on ice, Cushion the pass, Go in on net and shoot hard, Go back the end of the line.”

WRAP UP GAME:  5- 6 minutes

Mini game with two pucks. Played across the ice inside the blue lines.



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