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IP2 has a set of goalie gear in a bag for each of the 10 teams and 4 goalie sticks that are shared. Our cross ice mini games start DECEMBER 18 . The schedule is now posted on the NMHA website. Every game night 4 teams will be on the ice at once. Every game we will have a goalie in nets wearing full gear for each team. Getting the goalie gear on takes some time so the parent of the goalie or some other designated parent will need to assist them in getting dressed. At the end of the game the gear will be taken away by either the parents of whomever is planning on being a  goalie in the next game or the parent rep.The goalie stick is not taken home since it will be used in the next hour’s game. The practice before the game the player who will be playing goalie will practice with our goalie coach Travis. Some weeks there are two games so this is not a perfect system. Often only a few players will want to be a goalie so it tends to work out. There are many ways for team parent reps to choose a goalie. Making a list of games and assigning players who want to play is probably the best way.The hope is that every player who wants to try being a goalie will get a chance. It is NOT  a good idea to choose one player for the whole year. There will be no Vezina trophy for the top goalie. Goalies need to be superior skaters and that is best done without goalie pads at the beginning.Our first goalie practice will be Saturday Dec 7. Every team needs to arrange who will be their goalie  before that practice.  


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