Posted: November 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Every team in IP2 will get a bag containing a set of goalie gear consisting of a blocker, a trapper, a chest protector and leg pads along with a “dangler” throat protector that is tied on to the Player’s helmet.I will bring the left handed trapper and blocker gloves as well as the sticks to all practices and games. The goalie gear fits in one small equipment bag and it will be the responsibility of the team to bring it to every practice and game and return it all at the end of the season in April. Teams will need to select one player each week to be trained as a goalie by our very own Travis Gallant  (an IP2 instructor who is a goalie). This player will need to arrive early to get their gear on. The intent is that everyone on the team will get an opportunity to be a goalie at practice as well as in one game. Goalies need to be very good skaters so it is important that they do not miss many practices as regular players. Some players will not want to try being a goalie and that is OK. No one will force any player to go in nets if they do not want to. The hope is that this program will make it easier for players in Novice next year.This is an exciting time and a Kodak moment for almost every player.


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