Movement between IP1 and IP2

Posted: November 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

The IP1 and IP2 programs operate under the same Hockey Canada guideline. Phase 1 and 2 are covered in IP1 and phases 3 and 4 are covered in IP2. I think it is important that all 6 year olds are in IP2 where some time is spent getting them ready to play Novice. Some skaters who progress quickly may have two years in IP2. Hockey Canada rules prevent anyone younger than 7 playing Novice. I will try to differentiate programs in all the levels based on the player’s abilities. It is probably better than beginning skaters all are in IP1 and that more advanced skaters in IP1 are moved to IP2. There are to sapects that need to be considered: Players get better faster when challenged but Players learn very little when they are frustrated. The NMHA has 5 spots in IP1 and 5 spots in IP2. This means that we could if we thought it would be better move a few players either way. If you think your Timbit might be better in the other section please take a minute to talk to me so we can decide together what is best for them. Feel free to pull ,me aside to talk about this anytime.

Some associations mix their players. In th NMHA we divide our players usually by age into two groups.


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