Practice outline for IP2 Saturday November 9 Bell arena 3- 8

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Practice Outline IP2 Saturday Nov 9 Bell 3-8

This is our 7th practice and overall  I am very pleased with how far the players have come in their development. At this point in the season some players are coasting –( cutting corners in drills and not really pushing themselves to learn new skills) and therefore they are not continuing to improve. It is time to get players to the next level.

This practice instructors will be “super engaged”. This will require lots of one on one work.

We will work on some of the  hardest skills to develop:

Skating with power

Skating with a puck under control

Tracking a moving puck and moving to it



In addition –  Travis will begin to work with goalies (one per team). I am supposed to get the goalie gear from Merivale Saturday morning so – we should be ready to go.


Two nets

Goalie gear for both teams

Blue pucks

6 Tires

20 pylons

8 tall pylons

2 sets of hotdog, hamburger and fries toys

Plastic balls



(Both teams together) skate with pucks IMPORTANT THAT THEY KEEP THE PUCK ON THEIR STICK AT ALL TIMES – this is not only a warm up but a practice of moving with a puck

NOTE: Travis will need this time to check goalie gear at centre ice



Travis will begin his goalie training in front of the penalty box (No net)     

Teams to opposite ends with pucks    (Collect the pucks from players once they have brought them to one end)

Spread out along the side boards with no pucks from almost red line to icing line. Travis will be in front of the penalty box so we will need to avoid collisions there

  1. Skate as fast as you can across the ice, stop and return(NO PUCKS)  repeat 2 times  THIS IS ABOUT NOT ONLY SPEED BUT STOPPING AT THE BOARDS AND AVOIDING COLLISIONS
  2. Players line up along the side board. Place a line of pucks along the midway point. Players skate across the ice pick up puck and skate to the other board bounce it off the board pick it up and drop it at the same location midway across the ice and return to the original side. Repeat twice. THIS DRILL IS ABOUT THREE THINGS: SKATING QUICKLY TO A PUCK IN OPEN ICE, PICKING UP A  PUCK, PLAYING A BOUNCE OFF THE BOARDS  
  3. Players line up along the blue line (20 players) . Instructors at the ringette line dump the puck into the corners without sending it all around the boards. ALL at once players go and get a puck and return it to the instructors and return to the blue line. Repeat 5 times. THIS IS ABOUT TRACKING APUCK, AVOIDING COLLISIONS AND SKATING AS FAST AS YOU CAN
  4. Give every player a puck and spread them out all the way around both ends of the ice. Players from 6 feet away bounce the puck off the boards, settle it down and repeat using both backhand and forehand. HAND PLACEMENT IS CRITICAL HERE


(Teams will still be on opposite ends, Divide teams in half, 2 drills at each end of the ice for a maximum 10 players per group.)


Done as partners to maintain intensity 

Skate across ice as fast as you can (KEY POINT HERE IS AS FAST AS YOU CAN)  then return  …then partner goes

Vocab: “Push hard, Skate as fast as you can,  I should be able to hear your skates digging into the ice, Bend your knees”


Place two pylons 20 feet apart for each player. Players shuttle back and forth between the pylons stopping always looking to the centre line (so they stop on both sides)

Vocab: “Stop using the edge of your skate, Really dig the edge in, Stop using your front foot…Now this time try your inside foot (YOU WILL NEED TO SHOW THEM THIS) …Now try stopping using both feet.

3.      PARTNER PASSING AND SHOOTING ON NET (this will be hard for them!)

Players line up as partners (2 lines) and pass back and forth coming across the ice between the blue line and the ringette line. Arrange the 6 tall pylons in two lines that are staggered from each other. Player one skates to the first pylon and then passes sideways to his partner who skates forwards to their pylon and passes sideways to their partner  who skates forward to their pylon and then passes to their partner.  

Vocab:” Skate to your pylon and before you get to it pass the puck to your partner.  Pass back and forth and then the shoot on the net. When you return don’t come back though the pylons – do not get in the other player’s way. When you return switch lines do it again.”


(Use both circles – a maximum of 5 players per circle)

Vocab: “ Pass to the person who is calling for your object, Keep your head up and pay attention”

WRAP UP GAME Try to score on the instructors by shooting the plastic balls and hitting the tire. Instructors will defend the 6 tires by moving them around using their stick.



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