Practice Outline for IP1 for Saturday November 9 Merivale 10 – 2 and November 23 Bell 3-7

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Practice Outlines IP1 Saturday November 9 Merivale 10 – 2 and

                                       Saturday November 23  Bell Arena 3 – 7

Now that almost all our skaters have graduated from the orange buckets we can focus on skating and puck control. We will still have two buckets but I hope we can move all players into skating on their own. The next two practices will be exactly the same and will really focus on skating forwards with power.

Equipment needed: 2 nets, 2 orange buckets (just in case), blue pucks, 20 bike tires, 8 motorcycle tires, pylons

WARM UP SKATE – full ice oval WITH PUCKS ( 5 minutes – players have been slow getting dressed and on the ice but we will try to get them all on by the end of this 5 minute warm up)

SAFETY CONCERN – make sure the nets are not tipped up on the boards when players are on the ice.

ALL IN  SKATING  DRILLS (20  minutes or more = Lots of skating since there are lots of “skate to the blue line and back”! None of these should drag on but they need to concentrate on doing it properly)

Each team goes to their own end …instructors will try to keep “their players” together – spread out across the icing line (3 -4 instructors per end =  4 or 5 players per instructor) This should allow for lots of “hands on instruction”

  1. Skating stance on the icing line – knees bent, head up two hands on stick Focus on hand placement.
  2. Fast as you can to the blue line and back Repeat several times.
  3. Balance on one foot then the other on the icing line
  4. Fast as you can to the blue line and back
  5. Stationary sideways scrape the ice (like stopping) both ways repeat several times
  6. Fast as you can to the blue line and back
  7.     Put stick down on the ice between the legs on the icing line and step over the stick one foot at a time in both directions. Repeat several times. This is a good time to check the knobs on the sticks to ensure that they are large enough to prevent the butt end going through the cage as well as being large enough so they can pick up their stick
  8. Fast as you can to the blue line and back
  9. One, two, three stride pushes then glide on two feet as far as you can STOP reset at blue line and return Repeat two times at least

10. Hop the ringette line and blue line and return

11. Fall down at ringette line and blue line turn and repeat back

12. Fast as you can to the blue line and back


GAME “BLOB RACE” ( 5 minutes)

Set out four pylons on the four face off dots (2 inside and 2 outside the blue lines). One bike tire per instructor. 3 to 5 players hold on to the tire with one hand and pull the instructor around the four pylons in an oval path. The instructor’s job is to “keep a lid on” the players and at the same time get them excited about pulling him.


SKILL DRILLS (3 per end) NO STANDING AROUND! (15 minutes max and 5-6 players per station

1.     Turning right and left through a slalom course without pucks

Two lines on blue line facing the faceoff circle.  Two sets of five bike tires set out in a slalom course from the ringette line in to the icing line. This is important because the players need to pick up some speed before turning.Use pylons to make sure they start at the blue line.

Players skate in two at a time and go through the course returning on the outside so they do not interfere with the other skaters in the drill. This is a huge problem at all levels – so let’s break the habit now.

2.     Two at a time shoot on net

Centre net on end boards in line with the faceoff dot. Two lines of players at the ringette line (use pylons). Place two pucks on the outside of the face off dot. Players skate from T start from the ringette line, two at a time, pick up puck and shoot on empty net returning to the side of the drill and repeat  

3.     Tire push (between the blue line and red line across the ice)

Using their sticks players push the motorcycle tire across the ice and back and pass it to the next player


WRAP UP GAME (If time) Freeze tag by team in their end


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