Practice Outline IP2 Saturday November 23 Merivale 10- 3 …and YES I MISSED YOU LAST WEEKEND!

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Practice Outline for IP2 Saturday Nov 23 Merivale 10 – 3

Equipment needed:

ALL teams have a team set of goalie gear, 2 goalie sticks, 4 nets, 2 PVC goalies, dog balls, plungers, pucks, 12 tall pylons , pylon /pipe obstacle, 10 ringette rings, 6 milk crates  

We will continue goalie development with one net (Travis and Dylan) to one end with the two goalies in the crease area. Remember the intent is to give every player a chance to try being a goalie NOT TO TRAIN ONE GOALIE PER TEAM.

Focus areas for this practice:

Puck handling, scoring, passing, skating – explosive start, weight transfer, balance, turning

WARM UP GAME : 3 net hockey (with dog balls)

(5 minutes – players are making it a habit to get on the ice late so we will reduce the length of our warm up game)

3 Nets set up around the centre circle – score on any net – instructors are goalies NOT PLAYERS.

ALL IN – both teams to one end (10 + minutes = Longer than usual)

Fast as you can there and back

Two foot stop at every line and wave at the stands

Stop and sideways step over every line as if there was a rope there and back

Hop every line and back

Forward, backward transition at every line and back

Superman dive at the red line

Fast as you can there and back

4 SKILL DRILLS (30 minutes with rotation to the other end after completing two drills)

Divide each team in 1/2 – so approximately 7- 9 players per station

7 minutes per station:

Goalies will be working at one end with the net in the proper position in the crease


Return 2 nets one end – set nets on face off circles at the boards – leave the other against the boards.


 Net 1 Start one line OUTSIDE the blue line , Set up: one obstacle – pylons/ pipe in front of the net – with a tunnel of pylons ending no closer than 8 feet in front of the obstacle to serve as a path they must skate through so they do not cheat before they have to cut right or left. Players skate in one at a time and shoot on net which has a pvc goalie with no stick.

Aim: To get players to make a decision to make a sharp cut right or left at the obstacle and then reverse their direction to come back across the face of the net and shoot. Since most goalies are butterfly style coming across the face of the net is a critical skill – especially in players who are learning to raise the puck.

Vocab: “Make your cut to either side and then come across the face of the net (this term will take some explanation).”


Net 2 Start OUTSIDE the blue line in two lines. Two players skate to net – one goes behind the net and passes from beside the net to their partner who then shoots on net. PVC goalie needs to be manned in net to show the goalie slide to “seal the post”

Aim: To carry the puck behind the net and pass to a player who is open in front of the net and for the partner to “get open” in front of the net.

Vocab: “Pass to your partner who is open in front of the net. Out front –don’t be too close to the goalie.  Watch the goalie move across and set up ready to shoot where the goalie isn’t. Keep your stick on the ice.”

 3.      STICKHANDLING ringette rings through the tall pylons in a straight line down the red line. Set up: It is important that they build up speed before the first pylon – do not let them cheat by sneaking the whole line up to the first pylon.

Aim: To work on side to side weight transfer with strong outer foot push (one stride per gap), upper body movement to bring the ring across the body.

Vocab: “Take one stride per pylon, Push hard – really dig your edge in. Keep your head up and push down on your stick.”


Set up:  Start at the centre of the blue line – each player with a plunger. Dog balls are scattered in one end of the ice – both sides of the net – Do not interfere with the goalie training. Players fetch and retrieve balls until all of them are picked up.

Aim: To develop quick but evasive skating to a point on the ice

Vocab: “Skate as fast as you can to the ball and bring it back. Do not bump into any other skater. Keep your head up.”

WRAP UP GAME ALL IN  (5 minutes)– Instructors push/pull 6 milk crates around the rink using their sticks. Players score by hitting the crates with a dog ball.



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