PRACTICE OUTLINE FOR IP2 Saturday November 30, 2013, Bell arena 3-8

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Practice Outline IP2 Saturday November 30 Bell Arena 3-8


Goalie training will continue with Travis and Dylan

With games coming in three weeks (Dec 18)  I want to work on carrying the puck, passing and shooting


Four nets – one for goalie training , three for drills  Two can be set up before the warm up- centred on the faceoff circles.

      One PVC goalie with stick

      2 goalie sticks – teams already have their goalie gear

      Bike tires

      Tall pylons (12)

      Start pylons (8)

      Ringette rings (7)

      Milk crate goalie (3 milk crates and bungee cords)

      Hotdog, hamburger and fries (one set)

WARM UP: (Shorter than normal @ 5 minutes)Both teams (30 + players) to the middle area between the blue lines (pylons on blue lines) random skate with pucks NO NETS but bike tires spread around the neutral zone. It is important that all players keep skating so they can develop their own way to dodge other players.

Goalie training in the crease at one end

QUICK ALL IN SKATE BOTH TEAMS TO CENTRE ICE (pucks to the middle @ 3 minutes)

Hurricane skate around the OUTSIDE of the centre circle one way then the other.

Vocab: “Skate as fast as you can – Try to pass on the outside anyone who is slower than you. Do not bump into anyone.”

SKILL DRILLS  (6 drills – 3 each end @ 6-7 minutes) divide each team in 1/3 = 5 or 6 players per drill – so lots of reps. Instructors this is your time for personal one on one instruction.

ONE END (3 drills)

Two nets centred on the face off circles

1. Net one: Two players going to the net – one goes behind the net and passes to the player out front who shoots. Use a moving PVC goalie that challenges the skater and then slides across the net. Distribute the puck to both lines of players so they can go both ways around the net.

Vocab: “Two of you are going to score on the goalie, One of you take the puck go behind the net and pass it out to your partner who will score , Shoot as quickly as you can before the goalie slides back to block your shot.”

2. Net two: One player going to the net passes to instructor who passes back to the player so they can take a shot on net with a stationary milk crate goalie

Vocab: “Pass the puck to me and I will pass it back to you so you can go in and shoot. Shoot at the holes.”

3. Cross ice between blue and red line – skating (NO PUCKS) through a slalom of 12 tall pylons

Vocab:  “Skate hard and dig your skates in. Try to turn as hard as you can around each pylon.”


OTHER END (where the goalies are being trained) 3 drills

4. Face off circle one: Shark Skate inside the circle with ringette rings (one per player).

Players cannot stop or leave the circle.

Vocab: “Just like sharks can’t stop swimming – you cannot stop skating, Keep your head up and do not bump into ANYONE. You cannot leave the circle.”

5. Face off circle two: –Hotdog hamburger and fries passing drill

Vocab: “Call for the pass, Don’t pass unless the person is watching. Think before you pass.  Pass to their stick”

6. Two lines of players about 15 feet apart start at centre ice and skate HARD  (Think race!) to one of two stationary pucks about 5 feet in front of the net) and then shoot ONE TIMER  on the net which is set on the side boards opposite the benches. Run the drill between blue and red line across the ice. This is designed to teach quick starts and getting to the spot on the ice as quickly as possible. It also requires the player to position themselves to shoot. – Not an easy skill for beginning players.

Vocab: “ Each of you has a puck – skate quickly to the puck and shoot it on net without stopping. Try using both a forehand and a back hand. When you come back stay to the outside so you don’t get in the way of other players. Switch lines when you come back.”



Set up nets across ice on the face off dots

Start with t pucks in one net then dig them out and shoot all the pucks into the other net then into repeat. Simple game – but it involves getting ALL the pucks one puck at a time and as quickly as possible to the other net and scoring. 


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