Practice outline for IP2 #11 of 28 Merivale Arena 10 – 3 SATURDAY DEC 6

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Practice 11/28 Outline Saturday Dec 6 Merivale 10 – 3


We have been working on goalie training, skating in a crowd without collisions, passing and going to the net in an attempt to score. This was designed to help our Timbits get ready for their upcoming games. We need to continue this but we need to revisit some more foundational skills – SKATING BALANCE, STOPPING and SKATING BACKWARDS. We also need to get back to our “Learn through play” mandate.


4 nets

2 Goalie sticks + Left handed goalie set of trapper and blocker

Blue pucks

2 Basketball nets

8 (or more) Junior size basketballs

40 Dog balls

20 Tennis balls

WARM UP (5 minutes):

Four net hockey game at centre ice (nets on blue lines and side boards) with dog balls with instructors in the net.

I have 2 parachutes that I want players to try in the end opposite to the end the goalies are training. We will pull players down to try them. You will be able to have 8 players try it.

MATT KL. and JOSIAH this is your job!

TRAVIS AND DYLAN  Goalie training will start at one end without a net and then move to the area in front of the penalty box. Goalies can use nets once we start to work on stopping  – until the mini games at the end of practice.

ALL IN – each team at their own end – (14-20 players per end) THEY WILL STAY IN THEIR OWN END FOR THE FULL PRACTICE.

 I WANT INSTRUCTORS TO SERIOUSLY EVALUATE SKATING ABILITY – This is practice 11 out of 28 so we are about 30% into the program of 28 practices and 18 + games)

We will try to identify the top 6 or 7 skaters on every team with the help of the bench reps.

CONNOR AND MATT KIN. this is your job!


NOTE Everything should be repeated twice since we are only going half way

Fast as you can to the blue line and back

“Wiggle skate” to the blue line and back (feet together, apart, together, apart )

Hop on two feet at the ringette line and blue line there and back NOT ICING LINE

Push with right foot glide on left , push with left foot glide on right there and back

Slow exaggerated skate – touch stick to the far right and the far left to blue line and back

Transition forward to back at ringette line and blue line reset at red line (twice)

Fall to two knees at the ringette line and blue line there and back NOT ICING LINE



HARD part will be getting pucks set up so it does not slow everyone down.

Two lines of players (one per net) start at blue line and go in to shoot at three pucks spaced 10 feet front of the net some closer that others. This is a fast paced drill where players are forced to decide how they will move from puck to puck to get into a position to shoot forehands or backhands.

ACTIVITY 2 STOPPING – not all stops are the same! SOME TIME ON THIS SKILL (under 15 minutes) Lots of hands on attention. The way the players “look” during the stop is not important here. Rationale: We tell players to use both feet but I am not convinced they get why they might want to use a particular foot or for that matter both.

Part one:

Start at the icing line

Stop at ringette line and blue line – reset at red line and stop at the blue line and ringette line. NO STOP AT  ICING LINE TO AVOID THE BOWLING PINS FLYING – just slowly cruise in with a controlled stop!

a)      Stop with outside foot only

b)      Stop with inside foot only

c)       Stop with both feet

Part two:

Stop shuffle done slowly enough so they can plan what they want to do –Set up on ringette line  and skate to blue line stop and shuffle back and forth between the ringette line and blue line. Most players will stop on their outside foot…

QUESTION “Do you stop on your inner or outer foot when you are going to reverse direction?”

The answer is dependent on the situation – the inner foot allows you to push off or cross over with your outer foot to reverse the direction.

Part three:

Stop and transition to backwards skating (beginning of a backwards crossover for some – eventually we will work on the lateral movement skating backwards)

Players start at the ringette line – puck in front of them at the blue line

Skate to puck stop and bring it back to the ringette line skating backwards – repeat

The idea is to have players decide on the next step after they stop …ultimately a backwards cross over.  Do not oversell this right now. This will be a work in progress but is something they need to work on for Novice and Atom and beyond.

ACTIVITY 3 and 4  (Same 2 activities per end – so 7 – 10 players per activity ( 5 minutes each)

1.      Basketball

2.      One person ball toss and catch

WRAP UP – Mini game across the ice with tennis balls  (5 minutes)

Note:  We will divide the team so half of them are at end. Goalies at one end – instructors in net at the other end.

  1. Meredith says:

    Just out of curiosity (as a parent and parent rep) why are you/we trying to recognize the top 6-7 skaters?

    • dwvip says:

      GREAT QUESTION!!! There is a significant range in skating ability in IP2. The hope is that if we can identify the better skaters and put them on ice against the better skaters on the other team then they will be more challenged and will be forced to pass as part of play. During games for the last two years our more developed skaters seldom passed the puck to less developed skaters. The net result was that some skaters never had a chance to touch the puck or truly be part of the play.Next year players will be sorted to Novice A,B and C for the same reasons. This is not an attempt to identify or reward players it is designed to balance the playing field (ice) so that all players can share in the excitement of the games.This will not be a perfect system since some nights there will be fewer players at the games but at least it is an opportunity to enhance the playing experience of our players.Feel free to email me if you want to chat more.

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